The Sting girls broke several records during the past few games. On Monday, the team played Benson. The girls really pushed the pace racking up an impressive 43 points in the first half. Benson somewhat kept up, scoring 30 in the first half. During the second half, the Sting stepped it up even more. They managed 48 additinalpoints while holding Benson to 20, bringing the final score to 91-54.

This broke the school record of 87 points, which was set in 2015, and repeated in 2016. Anna McCosh lead with 24 points, followed by Madi Hinz with 21, Kaitlyn Mortenson with 13, and Meeghen Dahlager with 10.

Coach Haakenson reported, “In practice, when we run offense and defense, I always tell the girls that if our offense is good, then we are not playing defense. And when we play defense, then our offense is failing in terms of execution. We can't win either way. My point is that while we scored on the offensive end, we would have liked to have been better on the defensive end.

However, the score stood at 43-30 with about 7 minutes left in the first half. We continued to score while our defense held tight, only allowing Benson 4 points during that same stretch. We only allowed 20 second half points. The best thing per the game was that we were balanced on offense.

We had a lot of contributors in the win. That always helps when we know that if a particular player might be struggling, there is someone else who may step up to help pick up our team. I've always believed that balance is difficult to defend. It gives our team options. The more weapons we have, the harder it becomes for the other team to defend. Some teams win by playing defense. Others win by out-scoring the other team. YME is at its best when we score and spread the proverbial wealth.”

Benson @ YME Half Time Score: YME-43 Benson-30 Final Score: YME-91 Benson-54

YME Scoring: Anna McCosh-24; Madi Hinz-21; Kaitlyn Mortenson-13; Meeghen Dahlager-10; Hannah Gullickson and Kenzie Dyrdahl-8

YME Rebounding: Anna McCosh-13; Kaitlyn Mortenson-6

YME Assists: Meeghen Dahlager-7; Madi Hinz-4

YME Steals: Meeghen Dahlager-5; Madi Hinz-3

Benson Scoring: Claire Ricard-22; Kaitlyn Berream-9

During Friday’s game against Lakeview, another record was broken. Early in the second half, Anna McCosh scored and a buzzer went off. Nick Richter announced that she had broken the school record of scoring 1241 points, held by Jenny Kuchn. McCosh is currently sitting at 1281 points.

The rest of the game was very close, neither team got ahead by much until close to the end. The Sting got on a hot streak and executed plays very well. Coach Haakenson reported, “A lot of credit goes to the Lakeview Lakers. They played well and have made tremendous strides as a team. They executed on offense and gave us trouble with their defense. However, to our credit, our team was up to the challenge. The game was actually a lot closer than the final score might indicate.

But in the end, we executed and scored and did what was needed to get the win. With the sub section playoffs only a couple of weeks away, it is important that the team is in a certain place. Most of what I suggest is the mental aspect of our game. We have to be believers and our court demeanor was to be one of confidence. I trust our girls when they are performing on the court. The rest is up to them. Again, they came through and won what I viewed as a competitive game.”

Lakeview @ YME Half Time Score: YME-29 Lakeview-25 Final Score: YME-66 Lakeview-51

YME Scoring: Anna McCosh-27; Kenzie Dyrdahl-12; Hannah Gullickson, Kaitlyn Mortenson, and Sam Anderson-7

YME Rebounds: Anna McCosh-9; Kenzie Dyrdahl-9

YME Assists: Madi Hinz-6; Meeghen Dahlager-5; Sam Anderson 4, Kaitlyn Mortenson-4

YME Steals: Anna McCosh 3, Kaitlyn Mortenson 3, Sam Anderson 3, Meeghen Dahlager 3

Lakeview Scoring: Hailey Unke-17; Aubrey Kaezmarek-12; Kianna Ims-10