On February 7th, Forrest Duwayne LaBatte sped away from Casey’s at 10:45 p.m. A police officer had observed him, and the chase ensued through downtown Granite Falls, north to Chippewa County Road 38, into a farm driveway and residence, and north on state Highway 23 to Maynard. Speeds reached over 100 mph. It ended on Highway 7 when LaBatte pulled over. He was driving a silver Cadillac during the chase. He was the only passanger.

After being pulled over, were officers noticed that he was perspiring heavily, and behaving erratically. It is believed that he ingested an illicit substance before being arrested.

He was taken into custody, where a nurse determined he needed medical attention. He was taken to Granite Falls Hospital and then airlifted. He received rapid sequence intubation.

Officers obtained a search warrant and found methamphetamine and marijuana oil and wax in the vehicle. Bail was set at $20,000. He faces felony charges of fleeing a police officer, 5th degree controlled substance possession, a gross misdemeanor charge or driving while impaired, and a misdemeanor charge of driving after revocation.