Last week the boys team faced Benson. The game started off fairly evenly. The Sting kept good pressure on Benson, forcing a lot of poor shots. The Braves finished the half with a small lead - 20-26.

YME pushed hard to shut down Benson in the second half. Carter Sneller was dominating the paint, getting 9 rebounds and tough baskets. Nicky Lindstrom set up some very fast drives. Dalton Anderson had a stand-out block against a Braves shot. The Sting got a small lead with not much time left of the clock. YME kept up the pressure, forcing more sloppy shots that didn’t make it in, giving YME the win 48-44.

Carter Sneller led the Sting with 15 points, followed by Bennet Knapper with 11, and Dalton Anderson, Nicky Lindstrom, and Jahrell Ischmon with 5 each. Stats for Benson were not availible at time of publication.


Points: Nicky Lindstrom 5, Bennet Knapper 11, Carter Sneller 15, Ethan Peterson 3, Jahrell Ischmon 5, Trent Skjefte 4, Dalton Anderson 5

3 point shots: Knapper 2, Sneller 2

Free Throws: Lindstrom 1, Knapper 1, Sneller 3, Peterson 1, Ischmon 5, Skjefte 2, Anderson 3

Assists: Sneller 2, Ischmon 1 Blocks: Lindstrom 1, Sneller 2, Anderson 1

Rebounds: Lindstrom 3, Knapper 1, Sneller 9, Peterson 4, Ischmon 8, Skjefte 4, Anderson 5

Steals: Lindstrom 1, Knapper 1, Sneller 2, Peterson 2, Ischmon 3, Anderson 2