BRE principal Lisa Hansen was pleasantly surprised at how well technology has been integrated into the classrooms as the schools work toward the one to one goal. She estimates that if she were to pop in to a classroom, 4 out of 5 times the students would be using the computers, or they would be out next to them on the desks. She reported that the 5th grade currently has a chromebook for each student, one for the teacher, and a backup per classroom. The 4th grade is 11 short. Grades K-3 use Ipads, and they are 45 short total of having one to one. These numbers are not including older devices, just new, up to date ones.

Next year the goal is to be fully one to one. The chromebooks have proven extremely useful for integrating different learning styles. Students can use Google Classroom to easily view links and videos, as well as something akin to Google Docs for writing feedback. Some of the younger grades are reading stories they wrote in to the Ipads to hear how they sound.

The plan is currently to leave the devices at school for the elementary school age students. Board member Jeremy Corner asked about plans to keep the devices sterile. He suggested daily wipe downs. Hansen said that Lysol wipes are abundant at the school. Also a lot of the students use the same device day to day. She liked the daily wipe down idea.

In other news:

The board pulled the second reading and adaption of the school Unpaid Meal Charges/Collection policy. They decided to table it until after the March policy meeting.

Student lead conferences saw a 25% participation increase from last year.

The board approved a Special Education Funding Resolution. Basically, schools are collectively asking the Governor for more federal funding to keep up with all the Special Education mandates.