Montevideo came to YME for a non-conference game Tuesday night. The game got off to a slow start. After 10 minutes the Sting lead 10-4. YME had a large number of shots bounce out of the basket, but they gradually built up a lead 25-12. Both teams racked up some last minute baskets at the end of the half. Bennet Knapper sunk quite a few 3 pointers. The score at halftime was YME 33, Monte 19.

During the second half, the Sting struggled a bit with defending the paint. Monte players, especially number 23, Jackson Snell, made a good number of drives and scored. The Sting held on to a consistent nine-point lead. Cole Richter had a fantastic block to shut down a breakaway. Montevideo was down 47-38 with six minutes left. They went with a very aggressive full court press, but dropped it after YME broke through a few times.YME slowed to their comfortable pace and made smart passes. Nicky Lindstrom hit a nice spinning fade away shot. The Sting hit their free throws and made a few more baskets at the end, finishing 60-46.

Coach Suter reported, “I think the slow start was based on defense. We got some easy buckets and got two nice runs in the first half. The thing that stayed constant throughout the game was our defense. We held a good team down to 46 points. We can go stretches without scoring on offense if we can keep working on defense. I’m happy with our pace of the game. We only had 11 turnovers which is fantastic. Our scoring efficency was 111% which is out of this world. Without a doubt it was our best game of the year. Rebounding’s been our achillies heel for most of the year, tonight we did better at that. We could be going on a stretch, winning 5 of the last 7 games would be a good way to go into playoffs. We’re excited to get a chance to go win a playoff game.

YME vs Montevideo YME 33 - 27 - 60 Monte 19 - 27 - 46

Points: Nicky Lindstrom 8, Cole Richter 2, Bennet Knapper 6, Carter Sneller 21, Ethan Peterson 5, Jahrell Ischmon 6, Trent Skjefte 7, Dalton Anderson 5

3 point shots: Knapper 2, Sneller 2, Skjefte 1

Free throws: Lindstrom 2, Sneller 7, Peterson 1, Anderson 1

Blocks: Lindstrom 1

Rebounds: Lindstrom 2, Richter 1, Knapper 4, Sneller 3, Peterson 3, Ischmon 3, Skjefte 3, Anderson 6

Steals: Knapper 1, Sneller 1, Ischmon 1