On March 14th there was a nationwide “walkout” in schools to show unity for the Parkland, Florida shootings. The board discussed how to handle the situation, concerned about keeping the kids safe. A group of students gathered in the cafeteria for the 17 minutes.

The science club came to the YME school board to request money for YES membership dues. YES stands for Youth Energy Summit, it’s a national organization that helps encourage students to take a leadership role and do projects that improve the school and the community. Projects the YME science club has worked on in the past include hydration stations (the water bottle filling addition to water fountains) and planning the greenhouse. This year they plan to add two more hydration stations and make a community garden sign. The YES program gives money back to the club to help pay for projects, this year they will donate up to $750. The board will decide on whether to contribute money next month.

The school discovered an enrollment error in their student enrollment system. 14 students had left the school between February and May 2017, but were being counted as enrolled. Fortunately, the finance officer had built in a buffer for these types of errors, so the impact on the budget won’t be as big. She is currently working on figuring out budget adjustments. YME had a 92% graduation rate for the 2017 school year. It was calculated by the school to be 96%, but a coding error from two students enrolling in high schools in different states caused the scored to be changed. YME is still above the national average of 82%.

In other news:

Principal Luft reported that the school started sending out Midterm Progress reports with comments, and also included a list of missing work. He reported, “seeing a lot of changes in attitude, and quite a few phone calls.” The board was happy to receive a more detailed email than just a list of grades. He also mentioned how student lead conferences had a substantial attendance rate. Out of the 330 kids invited, 300 “made contact” (meaning either they went, or had some alternative form of conference, like a phone call.)

The board called for bids for the gym guard rail replacement.

Due to recent snow days, the last day of school has been bumped to May 31st.