On Monday, April 2, the Granite Falls Health Home Care celebrated the opening of their new location on Highway 212 with an open house for the public.

According to Home Care Director Lois Jo Bittner, the move is part of an effort to make Home Care more visible in the community. She says that the old location no longer met the needs of the department, and was often overlooked by local residents.

Granite Falls Home Care shares the building with Lavin Chiropractic. Betsy Lavin, who specializes in personalized decor, designed the space. The new facility features warm and soothing colors and a calm environment designed to relax patients.

In recent years, Home Care has experienced an increase in their caseload. Bittner explains that although they are busier than ever, Home Care has succeeded in delivering above average patient care. Re-admittance rates for patience is down to 15.2%, below the state average of 16.5% and the national average of 16.2%.

Bittner says she has received positive feedback from residents who visited the facility, with many saying they liked the welcoming ambiance of the space. Bittner hopes that patients feel like they are at home, and not visiting a hospital clinic.

Granite Falls Home Care serves residents in a 30-mile radius, and offers a variety of services ranging from personal care to home care. For more information about Home Care, please visit the Granite Falls https://www.granitefallshealth.com/services/home-health-care/.