The Community Health Challenge had their wrap-up night last Thursday. This was a big year, 44 teams, totaling 176 people, participated in the 11th annual challenge. 850 pounds of items and $1035 were donated to the local food shelf. The teams collectively donated 90 units of blood. The grand total weight loss was 1950 pounds. The winners were:

1st Place: 2,420 pts – #Weightgate - Team Members: Bryan Schulte, Kari Mead, and Steve & Beth Bjorndal $1,200 Winners

2nd Place: 2,316 pts – Recreational Hazard – Team Members: Kory, Nicolle, Hannah, and Quinn Kotek $800 Winners

3rd Place: 2,140 pts – BLT & J – Team Members: Terry & Lori Fagen, and Barry and Jodi Peterson $600 Winners

4th Place: 2,021 pts – Slim Chance – Team Members: Laura Beyer, Holly Cobb, and Mike & Anne Brown $400 Winners