Robotics technology has come to Clarkfield. Fourth through sixth grade, and students at Clarkfield Area Charter School are building and programming robots in science class under the instruction of first-year teacher Zach Hendrickson. Various donors, including the Clarkfield Lions Club, made it possible for the school to purchase two EV3 Robotics sets for use in the classroom.

Hendrickson is ecstatic about his students’ opportunity. “These robotics sets have allowed us to begin to bridge the gap between science and technology, encourage problem solving as well as large amounts of group work,” he explained. The teacher admitted he wanted to “play” with the robots himself.

Hendrickson loves the new technology, but for him it’s all about the students, who are thriving in his classroom environment. He added, “In this ever-changing world, it’s important for students to understand the ways that new and challenging technology can be used to solve everyday problems.”

The world has no shortage of problems. Maybe solutions for the future are beginning to be formed in Hendrickson’s classroom.