The Chippewa County Board of Commissioners conducted a bid letting for three 2018 Road and Bridge construction projects. The county engineer’s estimate of the total cost of all three projects was $2,530,763.20.

Bids were received from four companies. Central Specialties of Alexandria placed a bid of $2,530,736.20. Duininck Inc. of Prinsburg placed a bid of $2,406,879.44. Knife River Corporation of Sauk Rapids placed a bid of $2,842,941.63. Mark Sand & Gravel Co. of Fergus Falls placed a bid of $2,723,165.80.

County Engineer Steve Kubista reviewed the bids for accuracy and recommended that Duininck, Inc., be awarded the contracts for all three projects. After discussing the matter, the board agreed and awarded the contracts to Duininck, Inc.

Kubista also spoke to the board about the purchase of new components for the recently purchased plow truck. The total cost of the components for the new truck is $103,592. The board approved the purchase of the new components.

Sandra Hodge, Director of the Chippewa County License Bureau, met with the board to discuss the ongoing activities of the License Bureau.

Sheriff’s Deputy Shawn Joyce met with the board to present a State of Minnesota Boat and Water Grant Agreement in the amount of $615. The board approved the Grant Agreement and also authorized the Chairman and Auditor/Treasurer to execute the agreement.

Land and Resource Management Director Scott Williams met with the board to discuss the farming on county landfill property. A use agreement needed to be formalized, and the board directed Williams to do it.

Williams also presented a GIS service contract with Pro-West for on site and off site GIS services and support. The contract, for a six day per month, six month period, would have a total cost of $30,669.18. After discussion, the board approved the service contract with GIS.

Accounts payable in the amount of $240,533.24 were discussed and approved by the board.

The board discussed entering into an agreement with Jon Clauson for consulting services for the Auditor/Treasurer’s office and county board. The agreement was approved. A change to the Joint Hospital Powers Agree­ment was discussed and approved by the board. The change involved the removal of Section 2.3.6 of the JPA.

A five-year lease agreement with Pitney Bowes for the use of a SendPro 1500 postage machine was discussed. The cost would be $293.17 per month, and the agreement was ap­proved by the board.

The Chairman and Auditor/Treasurer were authorized to execute the agreement.

An amendment to the Sales Order Agreement with Election Systems and Software for the purchase of DS200 electronic vote tabulators was discussed and approved by the board.

The board also discussed the purchase of farmland by the State of Minnesota in Lieu of Tax process, the Chippewa Watershed, and broadband initiatives. No action was taken on any of these.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned. The next meeting of the Chippewa County Board of Commissioners will be held on Monday, May 1, beginning at 9:00 a.m., in the Commissioner’s Room at the Courthouse ion Montevideo.