The YME Tennis Team got off to a strong start, despite repeated inclement weather that resulted in several delayed games and snow covered courts. Redwood Valley On April 17, YME faced off against Redwood Valley, their first match of the season. The game was held indoors because of poor weather. YME players swept the court in singles. Matthew Virnig (12) defeated Ben Collins (10) 6-4 in the first set and 6-0 n the second. YME player Noah Lusti (12) also defeated his opponent Andrew Muetzel (7). Lusti won the first set 7-6 after easily winning the tie-breaker 7-1. He went on to defeat Muetzel in the second set (6-3).

Tyler Syring (9) scored a big win against Redwood Valley by defeating Jack Frank (7) 6-1 in the first set and 6-0 in the second. YME player Ean Clarke (8) eked out a victory against fellow 8-seed Jacob Zoller. He lost the first set 5-7 but won the second set 6-3, prompting a nail-biting super tie-breaker between the two players. After a prolonged extra set, Clarke triumphed over Zoller, winning 13-11.

In contrast, Redwood Valley defeated YME in all three double matches. YME players Brandon Beyer (9) and Austin Canatsey (8) lost to Cameron Sommers (11) and Brian Bucholz (11) 6-4 in the first set and 6-2 in the second. Chandler Rillo (12) and Ty Anderson (12) were also defeated by Xander Seaman (11) and Payton Nelson (12) of Redwood Valley, loosing 6-3 in the first set and 6-4 in the second. Finally, Redwood Falls players Josiah Helquist (11) and Connor Thortsan (11) beat YME duo Jackson Torgerson (8) and Derrick Lien (8) 6-0 in the first set and 6-4 in the second. Despite being beaten in doubles, YME won the overall meet (4-0).


The match against the Luverne team on April 21, however, proved to be something of a disappointment. Mathew Virnig lost to Mark Robinson (12) 6-0 in both sets. Noah Lusti did slightly better, but was also defeated by his Luverne opponent Cade Versteeg (12) 6-1 in the first and 6-2 in the second.

Tyler Syring lost to Luverne player Trey Bautsian 6-0 in the first and 6-4 in the second. Ean Clarke came closest among the singles players, winning his first set against Jim Erickson (12) 6-3. However, he went on to loose the second set 7-6 after losing the tie-breaker 7-3.

YME Doubles teams didn’t fare any better in their matches against Luverne. Duo Brandon Beyer and Austin Canatsey were defeated by Luke Jarchow (11) and Matt Jelken (11) 6-0 in both sets. Chandler Rillo and Ty Anderson lost to Luverne players Cole Stoltendberg (10) and Ethan Thorson (12) 6-0 in the first and 6-1 in the second. Jackson Torgeson and Isaac Olverson lost both sets 6-1 against Matt Sehr (10) and Tyler Fick (12). The final score for the encounter between YME and Luverne was 0-7.


On the same day as their blowout loss to Luverne, YME singles players once again dominated against Pipestone. Mathew Virnig defeated Tristan Pals (12) 6-1 in the first and 6-2 in the second, while Noah Lusti beat Riley Longstreet (11) 6-3 in the first and 6-4. Tyler Syring defeated Cole Paulson (8) of Pipestone 6-2 in both sets. YME singles player Ean Clarke again faced a close match against Pipestone competitor Cade Baartman (11). Clarke lost his first set 4-6 but managed to come back strong in the second (6-2). In the third set, Clarke ultimately triumphed over Baartman 12-10. All four singles players for YME now have 2-1 records.

Unfortunately, YME doubles teams again faced disappointment at the hands of Pipestone. All three teams were defeated. Brandon Olson (12) and Jakob Pringle (12) lost to Noah Onken (12) and Cole Onken (12) 6-0 in the first and 6-3 in the second. Isaiah Werner (12) and Ty Anderson (12) were defeated by Pipestone duo Taylor Mulena (11) and Cory Cooper (11) 6-3 in the first and 6-1 in the second. Nick Schindele (12) and Brandon Beyer (9) lost their first match against Dalton Pottratz (11) and Jackson Minter (10) 6-3 before nearly turning things around in the second. They tied at 6-6, but lost the tie-break 7-3.

The final score for the match was 4-3, in YME’s favor.