The Sting took the lead early with a run in the bottom of the first in their game against Redwood Valley Friday night. In the top of the second Nick Lindstrom had a great double play to end the inning - tagging a runner at second and tossing it to Dalton Anderson at first to get the batter out.

In the bottom of the third, Asa Ulferts stole 3rd and Anderson got walked to load the bases. Carter Sneller hit a single, scoring one run. The next batter got a hit but the runner heading home was tagged out. The next batter also got out, leaving three stranded. In the top of the 4th, Angel Jimenez got into a tough pitching situation. Redwood had runners on 3rd and 2nd. The batter got a shallow hit, scoring one run. Jimenez’s next pitch was hit right back to him, giving him an easy out by throwing it to first. In the bottom of the 4th, Cole Richter hit a single and stole 2nd. Bryce Schmidt got walked trying to bunt. Bennet Knapper got out but advanced the runners. Lindstrom hit two guys in off his single. Anderson struck out to close the inning.

In the top of the 5th, Richter fielded a grounder for an out. Ayden Friese caught a hit to center field. Redwood got runners in scoring position, but fortunately Lindstrom got the ball to 2nd to prevent the runner heading home from scoring. In the bottom of the 5th, Sneller walked, and Tate Schulte did a sacrifice bunt to advance him to second. Sneller stole 3rd. Jimenez walked and stole second. Schmidt also walked. Ulferts had a huge hit that unfortunately went foul. His next hit was also good, but Schmidt got tagged out at 2nd, the Redwood player held onto the ball as the two collided.

In the top of the 6th, there were two runners on, and when Richter went to grab the bunt, first base was left uncovered. With bases loaded, the next batter walked, bringing the score 4-2 in favor of the Sting. Anderson struck out the next batter. The next batter bunted, and Anderson overthrew the ball to first, letting two runners score, tying the game 4-4. The Sting got a double play next to close the inning, but that error was the tipping point for the downfall for the Sting.

In the bottom of the 6th, Knapper hit a ball to center and stole 2nd. Anderson hit a ball that was caught, and there was a controversial call where Knapper was declared out at second. In the top of the 7th, a wild pitch advanced a runner to 1st. During the next hit, Lindstrom had a fielding error, but the runner stayed on 2nd. The next batter hit one runner home. A wild pitch let another runner score. The catcher tagged out the next two runners as they slid into home. Lindstrom fielded a grounder to get the third out.

With the score now 4-7, the Sting had one inning to mount a comeback. Sneller’s hit was caught. Schulte’s hit was caught. Jimenez hit one past shortstop and got on base. Richter’s hit to right field let Jimenez score. Schmidt struck out and ended the game. Final score 5-7 for a Redwood Valley victory.

Yellow Medicine East


Bennet Knapper 1-4 R 1,

Nick Lindstrom 1-3, RBI 1, BB 1

Dalton Anderson 0-2, BB 2, SO 1

Carter Sneller 1-3, RBI 1, BB 1, SO 1

Trevor Schulte 0-3, SO 1

Angel Jimenez 1-3, R 1, BB 1

Cole Richter 1-3, R 1, BB 2, SO 1

Bryce Schmidt 0-2, BB 2, SO 1

Asa Ulferts 0-2, R 1, BB 1, SO 1

Pitching Angel Jimenez IP 5, H 4, R 1, ER 1, BB 1, SO 3, HR 0

Dalton Anderson IP 2, H 5, R 6, ER 3, BB 4, SO 1

Redwood Valley


Woodford 0-5 Quast 1-3, R 1, BB 1, SO 1

Irlbeck 2-4, R 2

Bomberb 2-4, R 2, BB 1

Salvati 0-2, R 1, BB 2, SO 1

Vanhee 3-4, R 1, RBI 2

Lechner 1-3, RBI 1, BB 1

Rebstock 0-4, SO 2

Louwagie 0-4, RBI 2

Pitching Irlbeck IP 3, H 1, R 4, ER 3, BB 6, SO 3, HR 0

Salvati IP 4, H 4, R 1, ER 1, BB 3, SO 3, HR 0