On Monday the Sting tennis team faced Worthington, as well an extremely strong wind, making playing on the north side of the courts tricky.


1. Matthew Virnig vs Blaine Daeden W 3-6 0-6

2. Noah Lusti vs Sullivan Morrigan W 3-6 2-6

3. Ean Clarke vs Kip Jensen Y 6-3 6-3

4. Tyler Syring vs Cody Lindner Y 6-4 6-4

5. Austin Canatsey vs Abe Langerud W 3-6


1. Brandon Olson and Jakob Pringle vs Kyle Janssen and Po Kevar Taw W 1-6 0-6

2. Nick Schindele and Brandon Beyer vs Max Langerud and Ryan Newman W 3-6, 0-6

3. Isaiah Werner and Austin Canatsey vs Anwar Farra and Michael Schnieder W1-6, 2-6


Chandler Rillo and Jackson Torgorson vs Bobby SouwanHaam W 4-6

Isaac Devson and Derick Liam vs Dominic Burns and Kevin Le W 3-6

Team Score


Worthington 5