Game 1

The Lady Sting had a double header against Lac qui Parle Valley last week. Cassie Weir made her return in the first game. Unfortunately, the team’s starting pitcher, Hailey Cobb, hurt her ankle at practice the day before. Kaitlyn Mortenson started off pitching. After three innings, Cobb’s sister, Emily, stepped up, literally, to the mound. The Eagles strung together a lot of hits, racking up one run in the first inning, six in the 2nd, and seven in the third. YME managed four total hits across the four innings. In the bottom of the 4th, LqPV scored another run, ending the game 15-0.



Hammer 2-0 SO 2

Flores 1-1 Lara 1-0 SO 1

Nordaune 2-0 SO 2

Mortenson 2-1 SO 1

Wier 2-0 SO 1

Gullickson 2-1 H 1

Johnson 2-0 SO 2

Clarke 1-1

Niemeyer 1-0 SO 1


Mortenson IP 3 H 11 R 15 ER 13 BB 8 SO 3 HR 0 E

Cobb IP 0.1 H 2 R 0 ER 0 BB 0 SO 1



Lund 2-1 R 3 BB 2 SO 1

Wollschlag 3-2 R 2 RBI 2 BB 1

Gerdes 3-2 R 2 BB 1

Kranz 3-3 R 2 RBI 3

Burkleo 2-1 RBI 2 BB 1 SO 1

Bungarden 3-2 R 2 RBI 1 SO 1

Molden 2-1 R 1 RBI 1 BB 1

Patzer 2-0 R 1 BB 1

Bonn 2-1 R 2 BB 1 SO 1


Wollschlag IP 4 H 4 R 0 ER 0 BB 0 SO 10 HR 0

Game 2

Weir took a pitch to the face early in the second game. Coach Sneller pulled her out as a precaution. Mortenson took over catching. Hammer was DP (Designated Player, meaning she was playing a field position and batting) so Coach Sneller had to do some creative rearranging. She also called Lauren McCosh to come and be catcher.

In the mean time, an away batter hit a double, scoring one run. Cobb fielded a grounder to first to prevent the next runner from scoring. 1st baseman Hannah Gullickson fielded the next short hit and tagger the batter, preventing another run and escaping a tough situation. McCosh arrived just in time at the top of the 2nd. Coach Sneller encouraged her team, “I wouldn’t call that just a bump in the road, it was a crater. But we made it through.” The Eagles got bases loaded. The next batter hit two runs in. 2nd base Anne Clarke got the next batter out at 1st, but there were still runners on 2nd and 3rd. A wild pitch let one steal home. Outfielder Marley Lara covered a ton of ground to catch a hit near the fence, ending the inning.

In the bottom of the 2nd, Mortenson hit a pop fly that was caught. Lara got beaned. Gullickson hit a single but Lara got tagged out. Gullickson stole 2nd. Cobb got tagged running to 1st. In the top of the 3rd, the Eagles got a runner on 3rd, then a hit to the outfield gave her the opening to score. 3rd baseman Megan Nordaune caught a hit. Mortenson got a runner out at 2nd. Gullickson caught a hit to get the third out.

In the bottom of the 3rd, McCosh had a big hit near the fence that was caught. In the top of the 4th, Mortenson got one out after a long series of foul balls. A runner got on 2nd, and the next batter hit her in, bringing the score up 0-7. LqPV loaded the bases, and a wild pitch got another runner home. The next batter hit two more in. In the bottom of the 4th, Mortenson had a nice hit that was called foul. She hit a single and made it to the base by the skin on her teeth.

In the top of the 5th, the Sting were down 0-12. Cobb caught a hit that was right to her glove. Clarke caught two hits to close the inning. YME had one last chance to score at least three runs in the bottom of the 5th. McCosh’s hit had a fielding error, letting her make it to first. Chelsey Niemeyer was thrown out when she made an aggressive run to steal 2nd. The next batter’s hit was fielded to first, ending the game 0-12.

Coach Sneller reported, “Catcher wasn’t an anticipated position for Lauren at the beginning of the year, but we asked her to try it since she’s extremely athletic. It came naturally to her. Cassie is fine, we just had to be cautious... I think today our girls were just in a hurry. They were already throwing the ball before they fielded it cleanly, and when they’re looking to throw they lift the glove up and that’s just enough space for the ball to pass through.”



Lund 3-1 R 1 RBI 2 BB 1

Wollschlag 3-1 R 2 RBI 2 BB 1

Kranz 4-3 R 2 RBI 2

Burkleo 3-0 R 1 RBI 1 BB 1

Bungarden 3-3 R 2 RBI 1

Bonn 1-0

Molden 3-1 RBI 2

Gerdes 0-0 BB 1

Patzer 3-0 R 1

Dufrane 3-3 R 2

Rademac 2-1 R 1 BB 1


Patzer IP 5 H 4 R 0 ER 0 BB 0 SO 1



Clarke 3-0

Hammer 2-0

Flores 2-0

Mortenson 2-1

Lara 1-1

Gullickson 2-1 SO 1 E

Cobb 2-0

McCosh 2-0

Niemeyer 2-1


E Cobb IP 5 H 13 R 12 ER 8 BB 5 SO 0 HR 0