Grandma Norma Lindquist, a staple of Mrs. Jans’ Kindergarten and Mrs. Sannerud’s 2nd grade classrooms for 10 years, is retiring. Bert Raney Elementary has been participating in the Lutheran Social Services of Minnesota’s Foster Grandparent Program. Other cities using the program include Monte-video, Sacred Heart, Renville, and Marshall.

The program has been invaluable to the school. She helps the kids get one-on-one attention. She helps them learn math and reading, goes on class trips, and disciplines when needed.

“They listen to me, they respect me because I’m older. Having me around helps them feel calmer.”

Norma graduated from Clarkfield, and also went to school in Granite Falls and the Twin Cities for a few years. She wouldn’t wish switching schools on any kids because of how hard it was constantly changing environments.

After retiring from over 30 years of banking, she noticed an ad for the foster grandparent program. She’s always loved children.

“It helps me stay young, gives me a reason to get up in the morning. I don’t realize how old I am when I’m with the little ones. I feel like I’m almost ready to go again. But now my body is telling me otherwise.”

Her best advice for kids is to make they learn manners and multiplication tables. BRE will miss their grandma, but they are looking at finding additional grandparents to fill in.