There was a public hearing to discuss the use of body cameras for the Granite Falls police department. Police Chief Brian Struffert mentioned that the majority of the force is in favor of it. Currently, body cameras aren’t required by the state, but cities are required to have a public hearing to discuss them. The council approved both the body camera policy and squad car camera policy.

Larissa Schwenk from the Granite Falls Library came to the Granite Falls City Council to discuss upcoming library improvements. They are planning to do some landscaping, adding low-maintenence bushes, adding a concrete seating area, and picnic tables and benches to encourage outdoor reading. The total cost for the project is $3,475, which is under budget. Mayor Smiglewski stated that he is in favor of the project, but explained that because it’s a city building, the library should have come to the council first to call for bids. The council approved the project.

In other news:

The council called for bids for a roof replacement for the Public Works building.

The council received a proposal to join the Minnesota Association of Small Cities.They decided to learn more about what the organization actually does, as well as the member list.

Bids for the Memorial Park Phase 1 project were pushed back to June 8, and will be discussed at the following city council meeting.

City Manager Crystal Johnson mentioned that the city needs to update it’s Spill Prevention Plan for the NPCA requirements. The plan is supposed to be updated every five years, Granite’s last update was in 2003. The cost for the update is $6,826, which will be split between Public Works, the Electric Department, and the airport. The council approved a resolution to update the plan.