It was a long wait but the golf season is in full swing. We are looking forward to a long (hopefully) season. this season has already started off with a bang. BOOM--Peg Heglund hits a hole in one. Peg aced the 2nd hole for her first 1 on a scorecard. There are several events to participate in this year. There are a couple changes to event scheduling so please check the schedule. • June 9th Kilowatt Baseball • June 18th Ladies Gold Cup • July 13th Granite Falls Ambulance • July 14th Lee Mar Ranch • July 28th Project Turnabout The Senior Scramble continues again this year on Thursday mornings. Registration is at 9 a.m. and starts at 9:30. Weekly Scores: Mark Jensen 36 Erich Blue 36 Brian Olson 37 Robert Rosburg Jr 38 Kevin McFarland 38 Chris Anderson 39 Levi Blue 39 Morris Cross 40 Larry Cuklanz 40 Most Under Handicap: Mark Jensen - 7 shots Quote of the Week: "Definition of mulligan-the opportunity to repeat a mistake right away."