Dr. Clark presented a request to add a CTE (Career Technical Education) director to the school. YME currently has a program for introducing students to the medical careers to help the need for CNAs in the area.

There are plans to add an introduction to education, as well as an introduction to manufacturing, engineering, and construction trades. The director will work with YME, Montevideo, Lakeview, MACCRAY, and RCW to start. The board expressed some concern about the “and thereafter” wording in the contract. The preferred to have “annual renewal.”

The board approved the position with the annual renewal clause. The board approved the preliminary budget for the 2018-2019 school year. Dr. Clark explained that the district is going to be facing some tough decisions unless the state comes through in the Fall. “If they don’t give 2-4% improvements there will be some difficult decisions to be made across all districts in the state. This is a financial problem everywhere. Minneapolis is having meetings to cut 33 million, which sounds like a lot but percentage-wise it’s similar to what YME is dealing with. If you read the vetoes the governor emergency funding for schools and health and safety money...it’s just not good.”

In other news:

The Yellow Medicine East schools had four total teachers retire this year, two from the elementary school and two from the high school. Both Principal Hansen and Principal Luft thanked them for their many years of service.

Hansen reported on many of the fun activities the BRE students participated in towards the end of the school year. These included a Twins game, a trip to the Montevideo movie theatre, and the BRE Fun Day, this year lead by the 5th grade.

Over 80 students are participating in the Summer Strong weightlifting program.

The board approved an arrangement with Big Stone Therapies to provide YME with Athletic Trainers. The trainers will be at all home football games, and as many home events as possible for other sports. The trainers are there to help students get back on the field by addressing injuries, and also will have office hours at the school to work on rehab. There is no charge to the school, aside from getting recognition at games. Referrals aren’t forced on the athletes or parents.

The board approved continuing the free breakfast program for ECFE through 3rd grade.