The Kilowatts played Cottonwood on Wednesday night. Cottonwood put runners on 1st and 2nd, and then scored when the next batter hit a double. In the bottom the first, Kyle TeBeest got on base, and then stole 3rd. Cam Vien hit a sacrifice fly to get him home, tieing the game 1-1. Cottonwood got two runners on base again in the top of the 2nd. The next batter attempted to bunt. The ball flew up and catcher Austin Friese tore off his mask and caught the ball. The next batter hit it right to pitcher Cam Vien, who was able to throw the runner out at 3rd. The next batter walked, loading the bases. The next batter hit it between left and center field, scoring two runs. Vien struck the next batter out to shut down the dangerous situation.

In the top of the 4th, 3rd baseman Markus Kranz fumbled picking up the ball twice in a row, letting two runners get on base. 1st baseman Cole Richter turbo’d to the fence for a foul ball, but didn’t quite make the catch. Shortstop Christian Kanten jumped to snag a line drive, displaying tremendous reflexes. A wild pitch got the runners to 3rd and 2nd. Kanten threw the ball from second to home for Friese to block the runner from scoring. Cottonwood loaded the bases, and the next batter walked, scoring a run. The next pitch bounced in the dirt. The 3rd base runner charged as Friese scrambled for the ball Friese dove and tagged the plate before the runner, ending the inning with only one run.

In the bottom of the 4th, Cam Vien struck out. Kranz walked, and then Richter hit a double. Friese hit a line drive to score a run. Kranz had a close call diving home. Lucas Kruse hit a double, scoring another run. Kanten struck out, ending the scoring run for the Kilowatts 3-4.

In the top of the 5th, Cottonwood’s Jake Neu got on base. He took off to 2nd as soon as the batter hit the ball. 2nd baseman Kruse caught it, putting Neu way out of position. He was thrown out at 1st. Kranz caught a fly ball to end the inning. In the top of the 7th, Neu hit a single, and again tried to steal 2nd. An overthrow let him continue to 3rd. The next batter hit a double, giving him plenty of time to get home. Cottonwood finished the inning up 3-5. In the top of the 8th, Kranz fielded a ball to first for one out. Grund ran to grab a ground ball and whipped it to 1st without breaking stride, but the runner was safe. The next batter was beaned, putting runners on 1st and 3rd. Kranz dived for the worm burner hit past 3rd, but he missed. Two runners scored, putting Cottonwood up 3-7. The kilowatts couldn’t come back in the last two innings.



Berg 4-1 R 3 BB 1

Seth Boerboom3-1 RBI 2 BB 2

Plotz 5-2 RBI 2

Hanson 2-0 RBI 1 BB 2 SO 1

Marquart 1-1 Neu 3-1 R 1 RBI 1

Wee 1-0 Domier 3-0 SO 1

Shacke 2-1 RBI 1

Brad Boerboom 4-0 Doll 1-0

Rousch 4-2 R 2

St. Aubin 3-0 R 1


Seth Boerboom IP 3 #P 47 R 1 ER 1 K 0 H 1 BB 0

Plotz IP 2 #P 27 R 2 ER 2 K 2 H 2 BB 1

Shacke IP 4 #P 39 ER 0 R 0 K 2 H 1 BB 1


Batting TeBeest 3-1 R 1

Odegard 1-0

Schmidt 4-0

Cam Vien 1-0 RBI 1 SO 1

Grund 1-0 BB 1

Kranz 3-0 R 1 BB 1

Richter 4-1 R 1 SO 1

Friese 4-0 RBI 1 SO 1

Kruse 3-2 RBI 1 SO 1

Kanten 3-0

Anderson 2-0

Envoldson 1-0


Cam Vien IP 5 #P 89 R 4 ER 1 K 2 H 3 BB 4

Kanten IP 4 #P 63 R 3 ER 3 K 0 H 6 BB 1