Seventeen years ago Debbie Peterson and her sister Janette Barber started the Dollar Stop store. After four years, Peterson took over solo. Her niece Amy Hastings worked in the store here and there throughout the years, and they talked about Hastings taking over when Debbie retired. In January the conversation came up again. Peterson was offered a full time position at B.H. Electronics in Marshall, and decided she was ready to “retire” from the store this summer.

Hastings has wanted to own her own business for a long time.

Amy has mostly learned hands on when working at the store. She’s also dabbled in a number of areas of work. She’s worked at Prairie’s Edge Casino, and served on the tribal council. She also worked at the Firefly restaurant as a manager.

She’s looking forward to the freedom of working for herself - stocking what she thinks will sell, arranging the store how she wants, and as a bonus, she lives just up the road from the store.

One thing that’s unique about this particular dollar store is that Peterson has built up quite a network to learn about surplus stuff from other stores, or if they are going out of business. This gives them a unique stock of items not found in “normal” dollar stores. The other thing that sets them apart is everything only costs $1.

Hastings is planning several surprise items to put in the store when she takes over. The store will be closed June 30th-July 4th, and will re-open July 5th.

Hastings reported, “I’m looking forward to getting involved with all the community activities. The community is great. you recognize someone every time you go out. It’s really friendly, and the store brings a lot to the community, saving people a trip to Montevideo. We have a lot of kids coming in here with their allowance to buy things, toys or snacks.”

“I’m excited to continue everything my aunt has built up. Granite has been wonderful.”