Emily Balfany and Jessica Busack from Puddle Jumpers came to the Granite Falls City Council meeting to thank them for their donation. The center opened June 25.

Tammy Isfeld unveiled the design for the next section of the ongoing riverside mural wall project. She also showed the poem that will be incorporated, which is made up of lines from numerous poems.  The council approved the design.

Mary Gillespie informed the council that the Granite Falls Historical Society received a $69,000 grant, which is matched with $5,000 from the Historical Society. The grant will go toward planning and research for the Volstead house to capitalize on the upcoming 100 year anniversary of the Volstead Act. The Historical Society will be partnering with Bluestem for the planning part, and they will be adding a partnership coordinator.

The Southwest Corridor reached out to the council for a letter of support for The specific aspects of the project in the letter detail two segments for the project: from the city of Norwood Young America to the City of Cologne, and from the City of Cologne to the City of Carver. The ultimate goal is to make it two lanes each way for the entire length of the highway, but this is the current focus. The council approved sending the letter.

In other news:

There was a discussion with EDA Director Cathy Anderson about the sale of the 124 Fromm Circle lot. Eric Soine had been trying to build a house there, but legal issues canceled the sale of the property. The council wants to ensure the proper legal process is followed so they don’t have anything disrupting the deals again. Anderson will talk with Chippewa County and the Granite Falls city attorney.

The council approved the Verizon Wireless site lease and wireless access agreement. Basically, they approved the sites and designs of the small cell towers.

The council authorized execution of a grant agreement for the airport. Crystal Johnson informed the council that the agreement had to be sent before July 1st because of the fiscal year turnover, so it was actually sent ahead of the council meeting.The council approved the agreement.

The council approved a bid for the KCC waterslide for $92,000, and approved a call for quotes for electrical and plumbing work needed to get the slide running.

The water tower painting project is going to start in late July/early August.

The council approved a bid for $5076 for a trailer for the Light Department.