The Kilowatts had a double header against Marshall on a pleasant Sunday evening. The first game continued their game from a few weeks ago that was rained out. They started in the bottom of the third. The score was tied 4-4. Colton Vien took the mound with one out and bases loaded. He struck out the first batter, and Shortstop Brandon Grund caught a pop fly to shut down a dangerous scoring situation. In the top of the 4th, Markus Kranz was tagged out trying to steal 2nd.

In the bottom of the 4th, Marshall got runners on 2nd and 3rd, but Vien struck out the next batter in three pitches. In the top of the 5th, Jordan Odegard got to 2nd on an overthrow error. Cam Vien and Craig Listul got walked, loading the bases. Odegard got tagged sliding into home. Colton Vien hit a single to score a run. Adam Brewers struck out after a tough battle at the plate. The Kilowatts were up 5-4.

In the top of the 6th, Zac Enevoldsen got beaned, then Cam Vien hit a huge single, giving the speedy Evevoldsen time to slide safely into home. Listul hit the ball to left field, and Odegard charged home. The fielder missed the catch. The pitcher tried to throw Vien out at 2, but missed, so the Kilowatts got runners on 2nd and 3rd. Grund got walked, loading the bases. Colton Vien struck out after struggling with very close pitches.

In the bottom of the 6th, Left Fielder Kyle TeBeest dove to catch a hit but missed, turning the hit into a triple for Marshal. The next batter hit a single to score a run. The Kilowatts started the top of the 7th up 7-5, but they went three up, three down. Right Fielder Enevold-sen had a great throw in the bottom of the 2nd. He grabbed the ball off the back wall and hurled it to 2nd base. Grund caught the ball and tagged out the runner trying to stretch his hit into a double. Evevoldsen dove forward to catch another hit. Catcher Austin Friese caught a ball that flew up behind the plate for the 3rd out.

In the top of the 8th, Enevoldsen moved from 1st to 3rd on wild pitches. Listul hit a single to get him home. King Richter pinch ran for him, but was tagged out at 2nd. The Kilowatts were up 8-5. In the top of the 9th, the Kilowatts put two runners on base. Jordan Odegard cracked his bat hitting a single. He scored a run, but the runner going to 2nd was thrown out. Cam Vien hit a single that scored another run. Grund was thrown out at 1st, putting the Kilowatts up 10-5. In the bottom of the 9th, Marshall couldn’t score, giving the Kilowatts the win.

Game 1


Klieth 5-0 SO 2

Hess 2-1 R 1 BB 1 SO 1

Knotz 4-0 BB 1

Penskie 4-2 R 1

Hemielnski 5-1

Meyer 5-3 R 2 RBI 1

Greenwood 2-1 RBI 1

Tomasek 3-1 R 1 BB 2 SO 1

Vannme 3-0 SO 1

Mettling 1-1 RBI 2

Hoett 4-1 BB 1 SO 1


Penskie IP 8.67 #P 192 R 10 ER 7 K 8 H 11 BB 10



Enevoldsen 4-2 R 4 BB 1

Odegard 6-1 R 2 RBI 2 SO 1

Cam Vien 2-2 R 1 RBI 3 BB 3

Listul 4-2 RBI 3 BB 1

Grund 4-0 BB 2 SO 1

Colton Vien 5-1 RBI 1 SO 1

Brewers 4-1 R 1 SO 3

Kruse 4-0 SO 1 Kranz 1-1 R 1

Friese 1-1 R 1

Dammann 3-0 BB 1 SO 1


Tommy Lindstrom IP 2.33 #P 70 R 4 ER 4 K 1 H 5 BB 2

Colton Vien IP 6.67 #P 109 R 1 ER 1 K 5 H 6 BB 2

The second game went the opposite way. Marshall pitcher Jordan Knotz had the Kilowatts batters all tied up and struggling to get on base. They managed two successful hits. Meanwhile the A’s scored a steady stream of runs during the innings, eventually winning the game 8-0.

Game 2



Hoett 5-4 R 4

Knotz 1-0 R 1 BB 3

Vannme 5-0 RBI 1 SO 1

Ellis 3-1 RBI 1 BB 2

Penskie 5-1 RBI 2

Macchio 5-1 RBI 1

Meyer 3-0 R 1 BB 1 SO 1

Hess 5-2 R 1 RBI 1 SO 1

Tomasek 5-2 R 1 RBI 1 SO 1


Knotz IP 9 #P 98 R 0 ER 0 K 8 H 2 BB 1



Enevoldsen 4-0

TeBeest 3-0 BB 1 SO 2

Cam Vien 4-0 Listul 2-0

Blue 1-0 SO 1 Kranz 1-1

Vikander 2-0 SO 1

Kruse 3-0 SO 2

Brewers 2-0 SO 1

Richter 1-0 SO 1

Friese 3-0

Grund 3-1


Chase Richter IP 3 #P 68 R 6 ER 5 K 3 H 7 BB 4

Cam Vien IP 6 #P 74 R 2 ER 1 K 1 H 4 BB 2