Principal Luft reported that the YME and RCW were recently awarded a grant from LYFT (Launch Your Future Today). This is part of the overall plan to expand CTE (Continuing Technical Education.) The grant was for $49,750, and will go toward purchasing a plasma cutter and laser engraver. They will be shared between the two school Districts.

He also mentioned that the North Star report (which replaced No Child Left Behind) noted YME has some troubles with attendance. The board discussed the problem of some things considered “excused absences,” like college visits, are not excused according to the metrics of the report. Schneider chimed in, “We have the greatest impact on students when they are here in the building.” The school will talk with the evaluators and work on a solution.

Superintendent Rich Schneider and School Resource Officer Mike Thull recently attended ALICE training seminar. (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate) The training is to help teachers build situational awareness, and mentally prepare and physically practice responses to hypothetical dangerous scenarios that could threaten the safety of staff and students in the school. The program was started after the Columbine shootings.

Thull mentioned his feelings of frustration and helplessness when they had them practice the “standard response” of lock the doors and pray for the best. Thull and Schneider are taking what they learned and developing an “Emergency Action Plan” that will be tailored to each grade level and classroom.

In other news:

KDMA is looking to broadcast YME “goings-on,” and it will entail more than just sports.

YME is working on figuring out broadcasting their home events.

There will be a meet and greet for parents to meet Superintendent Schneider Wednesday, Sept. 5th, at 5:30 in the Little Theatre.

The board adopted the Lead In Water Management Policy.They were already testing for lead, this just makes it official, transparent, and public, in order to comply with the statute.

The board accepted the bid for the student-built house. The highest bid was for $92,501, which was $1 higher than the second highest bid. The house will be going about two miles south of Marshall.

The board accepted the contract proposal from Loffler Companies Inc., which will save them money overall on copy machine expenses.