The Kilowatts had their last region game against Raymond on Saturday. Raymond’s pitcher, Alex Lotthammer, is a tough left-handed pitcher, who gave the Kilowatts a hard time at the plate. The Kilowatts kept up their defense in the field until the 4th and 5th innings, where Raymond scored two runs in each.

Granite managed to get a hit in the top of the 7th, and had Lucas Kruse be the pinch runner. With some clever bunting Kruse was able to advance, and then Zac Enevoldsen managed to hit him home for a run. This put the Kilowatts on the board 1-4.

In the bottom of the 7th, Raymond scored two more. The Kilowatts couldn’t muster up anything else against Lotthammer, and ended their region run with a 1-6 loss.

Coach Mike Richter gave his thoughts on the game, and the overall season. “We had a tall task playing Raymond. They’re a veteran team, and you can’t make mistakes against them. They play really well and have some big hitters.”

“Overall, our regular season wasn’t the greatest record-wise. We had the guys from Monte join the guys from Granite, and there’s this “feeling out” period that has to happen. I knew it would take a while to blend everything together, and we played our best baseball at the end of the year.”

“We had a competitive season. There were quite a few games where a hit here or a play there could change the game.”

“As we moved into regions, our pitchers threw really well. Defensively we played our best of all year. Hitting-wise, we hit fairly well, but it’s tough because of the level of competition. Between Raymond, Spicer, and Milroy, they’re going to have a great State Tournament. It’s tough to lose, but we made a nice run in the Regions.”

“Overall the team blended really well. I’m extremely happy with how the season went, especially at the end. Everyone chipped in. We’re a young team but we’re getting closer. We were a couple games away from the State Tournament. I thing a lot of good things will happen in the next couple years.”

“Our batting average went up. Jordan Odegard had a great Legion amateur season. Colten Vien had a great year, his pitching got stronger and stronger as the season went on. Adam Brewers pitched a few really good games for us.”

“Craig Listul turned it on again in the play-offs. Cole Richter played first and had a great year. So many guys do certain things really well. I’m very happy with where we are at.”



Zac Enevoldsen 5-3 RBI 1 SO 2

Tyler Dammann 3-1 SO 1

Cam Vien 5-0 SO 2

Craig Listul 5-0 SO 2

Colten Vien 4-1 SO 1

Markus Kranz 4-2

Lucas Kruse 2-0 R 1 SO 1 BB 1

Cole Richter 4-1 SO 2

Josh Anderson 3-0

Austin Friese 0-0 BB 1


Colton Vien IP 7 #P 97 R 6 ER 5 K 6 H 8 BB 2

Adam Brewers IP 1 #P 11 R 0 ER 0 K 0 H 0 BB 0



Mike Jeseritz 5-2 R 1 RBI 1

Tyler Steen 3-1 R 1 RBI 1 BB 1 SO 1

Cal Kasmemrow 4-1 R 1 RBI 2 SO 2

Jordan Smith 4-1 RBI 2

Zach Nelson 3-1 BB 1 SO 1

Enve Halterstum 4-0 SO 1

Josh Swazky 4-1 R 1

Jose Rosario 3-0

Brett Swanson 3-1 R 2 SO 1


Alex Lotthammer IP 8 #P 126 R 1 ER 1 K 10 H 6 BB 2

Zach Nelson IP 1 #P 19 R 0 ER 0 K 1 H 2 BB 0