The Sting played the Paynesville Bulldogs Tuesday night. Paynesville started off strong, racking up 8 points before the Sting got the serve back. Meeghen Dahlager took over serving, and helped lead the Sting to catch up, 10-12. Paynesville pulled ahead again, 12-17, before Alli Steffen got a nice block and then served, helping the Sting get to 15-17. The Bulldogs got their 25th point after Abby Jaenisch made an intense dive to save the ball.

The Sting started the 2nd set down again, 2-9. They started to catch up, including a long rally which eventually ended with the Bulldogs sneaking the ball behind Dahlager. Granite gradually closed the gap, but never quite caught up. They got the score to 15-21, then a few bad serves into the net kept giving it back to Paynesville, who won the set 19-25.

In the 3rd set, the Sting managed to hold on to a narrow lead, staying ahead by 1-2 points until Paynesville tied it 9-9. The Bulldogs started to pull ahead, Kylee Everson’s serving caused some difficulty. YME managed some offense with nice tipping away from the blocks, getting the score to 14-21. Paynesville closed out the last two points with an authoritative block and spike, winning 17-25.

Coach Fadness reported, “I thought we worked hard at times, but Paynesville worked a little harder than us defensively. We just let them go on a few too many runs. That’s something we can work on, getting out of those tough rotations.”

 “We’ve got some younger kids that aren’t quite comfortable yet, so we need to make sure we’re consistently practicing so we can help them find that confidence. When we were going in to set three, I try to have the girls focus on the fact that we can still play three more sets, and start fresh. Tonight we had a little bit more watching vs competing and playing. I want to have to girls keep working on staying consistent and staying aggressive.”

Set 1 YME 18 P 25

Set 2 YME 19 P 25

Set 3 YME 17 P 25

Madison Hinz Kills 4-6-2, Serving 7-8-0, Digs 5, Set Assists 61-62-16

Jadyn Sakry Kills 3-4-0, Serving 2-4-0, Digs 3

Anayansi Flores Kills 6-7-0, Digs 1, Blocks 1

Meeghen Dahlager Kills 28-31-12, Serving 9-10-1, Digs 5, Blocks 1

Mackenzie Dyrdahl Kills 13-14-3, Serving 4-8-0, Digs 7

Lily Jaenisch Serving 5-6-0

Abby Jaenisch Serving 5-9-1, Digs 6

Alli Steffen Kills 15-19-3, Serving 7-8-0, Digs 10