The Lady Sting Volleyball team had their opening match against Wabasso last week. The Sting competed well, losing sets 1 and 2, 20-25 and set 3, 17-25. Mackenzie Dyrdahl led with 11 Kills, seven Digs, and a Block. Meeghen Dahlager had eight Kills, followed by Madison Hinz, Anayansi Flores, and Alli Steffen with two Kills each. Hinz went 77-77-22 for set assists.

Coach Fadness reported, “Coming out and battling, we were consistent. that’s what we’ve been practicing. In Set 1 we had the most aggressive serving. We were able to find the floor a little easier in Sets 2 and 3. We had a harder time finding someone to side out or find the floor on serve receives. We talked about how we need to get back to the gym, and find some kids who can score for us. We defended well, we put up a great wall. We just need to work on putting on some offense to get out of some of those rotations.”

YME vs Wabasso

Set 1 Y 20, W 25

Set 2 Y 20, W 25

Set 3 Y 17, W 25

Madison Hinz - Kills 2, Serving 12-13-2, Digs 5, Blocks 1, Set Assists 77-77-22

Anayansi Flores - Kills 2

Meeghen Dahlager - Kills 8, Serving 6-7-0, Digs 14

Mackenzie Dyrdahl - Kills 11, Serving 8-9-1, Digs 7, Blocks 1

Lily Jaenisch - Serving 8-9-1, Digs 1

Abby Jaenisch - Serving 6-7-0, Digs 11

Alli Steffen - Kills 2, Serving 9-10-1, Digs 12