The Clarkfield City Council meet Tuesday evening to discuss the proposed 2018-2019 budget for the city. According to City Administrator Amanda Luepke, the current preliminary levy is set to increase by 7%, which is in line with average increases of between 5% and 10%.

She stressed that once the Council approved the preliminary levy, they would not be able to increase it further between now and December (when the final budget is passed). However, the City Council does have the ability to lower the rate -- a common course of action.

Luepke explained that there were still areas of government spending that Clarkfield could cut, and told council members that she was still working on getting revised numbers. Nevertheless, she said that budget was already very efficient for a town the size of Clarkfield. “It’s all very well thought out,” Council member Sue Fritz said afterwards, adding that the budget “is not inflated. We run thin.”

After reviewing the preliminary figures, the Council voted unanimously to approve the preliminary budget. The budget will now enter a period of extensive revision before receiving final approval before the end of the year.