The Maynard Auxiliary held another successful blood drive this week. Despite the excitement for another job well done, volunteers were nevertheless saddened to say goodbye to two long time members, Lorna Cobb and Brenda Ashburn.

The Blood Drive is a long-standing tradition in the Maynard community, and Lorna and Brenda reminisced about all the changes they have witnessed during their time volunteering.

They talked about how back in the day, blood was collected in glass vials and about how different the rules and regulations used to be. Still, the group marveled at how consistent things have remained. People still come for the amazing food prepared by the Auxiliary volunteers, or just to chat with the ladies before they donate blood.

Turn out is still good, but Brenda worries about keeping numbers up in the future. “People don’t have as much time to donate,” she said.

She hopes more young people get involved and added that it’s a great way to give back to your community.

The next Blood Drive is scheduled for April 9. For more information on how to donate, please visit html.