Earlier this month, Yellow Medicine County Correctional Nurse, Jen “Mavis” Jager, was awarded the Correctional Nurse of the Year award by the Minnesota Sheriff’s Association (MSA).

Jager has worked with the County since the spring of 2015. According to the Assistant County Jail Administrator Steve Gagnon, Jager helped fill a gaping hole left by the passing of the standing correctional nurse Gene Hughes (who was also honored with the Correctional Nurse of the Year award in 2014).

“From the minute Jen started at our facility, she has taken everything head-on with a ‘can do’ attitude,” Gagnon reflected, adding that “she had been our go-to person 24/7 for anything medical we need. Day or night, in the middle of a Harley ride or fishing trip, she always answers our calls and comes to assist.”

He went on to praise Jager for her ability to “communicate issues to Correctional staff and supervisors,” adding that she always “deals with the inmates in a professional manner so they can understand the procedures.” Correctional staff often finds themselves working in high pressure situations, which makes Jager’s skill and quick-thinking an especially valued asset. “She has an uncanny ability to weed out the real medical issues from the fakes, undoubtedly saving the county money and man hours.”

In addition to her time working with the County Jail, Jager also works as an RN for Granite Falls Health and as a paramedic for the Granite Falls Ambulance service. She is also “a student advancing her knowledge of medicine,” Gagnon added.

“No matter the situation, whether it’s dealing with inmates or answering questions in the middle of the night, teaching our jail staff and deputies CPR, defibrillator or first aid,” Gagnon said. “She is always busting at the seams with friendliness and a never-ending smile.”

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