YME students are once again getting prepped for another Homecoming weekend. The week of festivities begins next Monday, October 1 and lasts until Friday, October 5.

Everything gets going on Monday when students arrive at school wearing clothing that matches that day’s theme: ‘Fake an Injury Day.’ The JV Football team is playing Lakeview later that evening and there will be a powderpuff football game afterwards.

The clothing theme for Tuesday is ‘Pajama Day,’ which means that students will get to attend the Homecoming Coronation at 2 p.m. in the auditorium wearing their comfiest stay-at-home wear. Later that evening, students will change into a costume of their choosing for the Volleyball home game against Lakeview. There is also a home tennis match and a cross country meet at MCCRAY. The day concludes with a bonfire following the volleyball game on the track by the football field.

On Wednesday, students will wear clothing matching their grade’s ‘Class Holiday’ theme; 6th grade is Christmas, 7th grade is Valentine’s Day, 8th grade is hunting opener, 9th grade is New Year's, 10th grade is St. Patrick’s, 11th grade is Halloween, and 12th grade is 4th of July. Staff will wear Cinco de Mayo themed wear during the day as well. The Awards Day event will be held at 8:20 a.m. in the auditorium.

Thursday is Country Day at YME. There will be a Banana Relay during the advisory hour and an FFA grill out during the lunch hour.

Finally, everything wraps-up during Sting Pride Day on Friday. There will be an all-school Pep Fest in the Espeland Gymnasium at 2:30 followed by the Homecoming Parade at 5:30. The homecoming football game is against LQPV and is scheduled to kick-off shortly afterwards. The Sadie Hawkins Dance will begin after the conclusion of the game at the Lee-Mar Ranch.