As the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. So it was for the YME Lady Sting volleyball team last Friday night. After a 17-game winning streak, the team was defeated by the sixth-seeded Russell-Tyler-Ruthton team during the Section 3A-North playoffs. The final match score was 1-3.

The Sting began the match with a strong showing during the first set, which they won 19-25. Despite this early success, the Sting lost control in the later sets, ceding court dominance to their rivals. The remaining sets were lost 25-20, 25-10, and 25-15.

At various moments during the remainder of the game, the Sting attempted to organize comebacks. After RTR scored several decisive points early in the second set, the Sting evened things out. Outside hitters Meeghen Dahlager and Alli Steffen were instrumental in scoring a string of points late in the set. Nevertheless, RTR managed to pull through, creating additional momentum for the third and fourth sets.

The loss to RTR brings the volleyball season to a close for the Lady Sting. “We learned a lot this season,” said Head Coach Leah Fadness. She’s applauding RTR for their hard-fought game, adding that unfortunately, the Sting was unable to match their energy.

Still, Fadness reflects positively over the season. “But where we’ve come as a whole, as a program this season, is drastically different,” she said. “I told my kids they have nothing to hang their heads about.”

The team is already thinking about improvements to their game for next season. “There’s a lot to take from this,” Fadness reflected. “When you think you’ve done enough, you can do a little bit more. We’ve got work to do, still, in the off-season, but RTR plays a tremendous game and there were too many errors on our side. That’s just how it goes sometimes.”

Overall, Fadness says that she is proud of her team’s work this season, and she’s hopefully that they will use it as a learning experience. “We’ve come so far this season. We can’t define ourselves from this moment.”

Match Stats

Madison Hinz, Kills: 11-11-1, Serving: 11-12-1, Digs: 12

Jadyn Sakry, Kills: 8-9-0, Serving: 1-2-0, Digs: 1

Anayansi Flores, Kills: 4-7-1, Serving: --, Digs: 3

Lexi Smith, Kills: -- , Serving: 4-4-0, Digs: --

Meeghan Dahlager, Kills: 40-48-17, Serving: 9-10-1, Digs: 14

Mackenzie Dyrdahl, Kills: 24-33-8, Serving: 11-15-2, Digs: 14

Lily Jaenisch, Kills: --, Serving: 5-6-1, Digs: 1

Abby Jaenisch, Kills: 1-1-0, Serving: 12-13-2, Digs: 6

Alli Steffen, Kills: 22-29-9, Serving: 8-9-0, Digs: 8