The 2001 classic movie “Shrek” has been expanded as a musical, and will be performed by the talented YME students November 8th-11th. The play had some significant challenges to make the production happen. Over 100 costumes were needed. The most difficult to track down was a fire breathing dragon.

Director Jeff Iverson found a 12-foot dragon costume in Grand Marais after months of searching. It took two days to bring the beast back to Granite Falls. It doesn't breathe fire, but it's still a very impressive piece.

Tammy Isfeld used her talent to help create the staging. There are 19 different scenes, so Iverson had to dig deep in his theater bag of tricks to make the staging and transitions work. The backstage crew has been fantastic.

The students have put in a lot of long hours, and all that work comes together to bring the Shrek characters to life.