At this week’s Yellow Medicine East School Board meeting Hoffman & Brobst, PLLP, presented a audit of the 2018 fiscal year. The audit was able to show the school heavily relied on funds from the state and student enrollment. It brought attention to the fact that most of the revenues this past year were either staying the same or decreasing. The decrease in revenues is mainly due to low enrollment. Expenses this year increased, and continue to increase at about 2-3% a year. 77% of all expenditures are salaries, wages, and employee benefits, which in their nature increase year to year. A high point of the audit was that expenses were about $220,000 less than budgeted for.

Finance officer, LeeAnn Boushek, provided the board with 2018-19 budget and levy information. The board proceeded to approve the levy certification. Superintendent, Rich Schneider, provided a district update. Schneider accompanied three new board members to a School Board training session in Marshall, and is excited to get to phase two of the training which focuses on budgeting. Schneider also announced a partnership with law enforcement to practice active shooter drills inside the school. This would give law enforcement several advantages if an active shooter scenario did occur, as well as familiarity with the building’s layout.

In other news:

•Approved various leave requests and resignations

•Approved new hires

•Approved the consideration to reduce programs and positions due to declining enrollment

•Approved Indian policy and procedures

•Discussed tennis court resurfacing