Inspiration for latest book combines his experience as a lawyer and trumpet player

    Former longtime Crookston resident and local attorney John Winters, who retired and moved to Florida in 2003 with his wife, Sheryl, has had his third novel published.

    “Murder in a Minor Key” is available to buy at, Winters tells the Times.

    Winters says his familiarity with criminal law as well his experiences playing the trumpet in various amateur orchestras combined to inspire the plot of his third book.

    Here’s how describes “Murder in a Minor Key”:

    “This murder mystery starts with an autopsy. Three doctors and two detectives are shocked by what they find. The victim was the conductor of a symphony orchestra. A criminal profiler says the murderer was probably a member of the orchestra. Was it the principal trumpet player? Was it the violinist who disappeared shortly after the murder? The use of a confidential informant embedded in the orchestra assists the criminal investigation. We are taken on a wild ride through rehearsals, after rehearsal drinking sessions, concerts, and even a tour to Mexico by the orchestra. Besides being entertained, be prepared to learn about rehearsal etiquette, aesthetics, the ins and outs of a criminal investigation, and even the history and customs of Mexico.”

    Winters tells the Times that he and Sheryl have only made it back to Crookston once since moving to Florida almost 16 years ago. “Honestly, I don’t miss the cold weather but do miss our many friends,” he says. “Where have the years gone?”