On December 23 at 3:57 in the morning, the Granite Falls Police Department received a complaint of what appeared to be 6 to 8 gunshots being fired in the vicinity of the 800 block of 9th Avenue.

An on-duty officer immediately responded to the area but did not notice any evidence of a shooting nearby. As no other complaints were received, the call was cleared and the officer left.

Then at 10:54 a.m., another officer was dispatched to 835 9th Avenue to take a report of a home being shot at during the night. According to Police Chief Brian Struffert, “the responding officer found evidence of three bullets entering into the house.” After speaking with the 19-year old homeowner, the officer found out that she and her 7-year old sister were at home during the time of the incident.

“The homeowner told the officer that she had been sleeping upstairs in the bedroom, while her 7-year old sister slept on the couch in the living room downstairs,” Struffert added. The three bullets that entered into the home were located in the main level of the home, with one of them going through a front window, one going through the wall, and another going through the front door.

The investigation into this crime is ongoing, and the Granite Falls Police Department is asking for the public’s help in gathering more information. “We are asking for anyone who may have heard or seen something suspicious in the early morning hours of 12/23/18 to call and report it to us immediately, no information is too trivial or unimportant,” the Police Chief said. “If there is a resident or business owner in or around the area of the shooting, that has surveillance cameras, would you please review any video from the early hours of 12/23/18, to see if you captured a person or vehicle acting suspiciously, and report that information immediately. Also, if anyone has witnessed someone speaking about or bragging about the shooting on a social media platform, please report that information to the police department as well.”

Please report any information regarding this crime to the Granite Falls Police Department at 320-564-2129, or information can be reported to Crime Stoppers at 800-222-8477 (TIPS) or by email at: info@crimestoppersmn.org, tips can be given anonymously if the reporter requests.