At this week's Granite Falls City Council meeting the council started by discussing the National League of Cities service line warranty program. Ashley Shiwarski, from Utility Service Partners, explained that the program aims to address the urgent need in cities to provide homeowners with resources to cover the repair of private side aging infrastructure, including broken and leaking water and sewer service lines.

The program would cover costs up to $8,500 per incident and would hire local contractors to complete any work. The program would offer three separate types of coverage, external water line coverage, external sewer line coverage and in home plumbing coverage. A resident could choose to enroll in one of these plans or all of them. The City would receive 50 cents per month per paid warranty contract if a partnership was agreed to, so if someone was enrolled in all three programs that would be up to $1.50 per month per household going to the City. The Council decided it will look into the program more before making a decision on a partnership.

City Engineer, Mike Amborn, provided an update on proposed 2019 street and utility improvement projects. The Street Committee had formed a long list of projects and narrowed it down to just nine high priority projects for this year. Some of the proposed projects include improvements to 7th Ave. and 18th Street (the entrance to Project Turnabout), improvements to Recreation Drive (which includes paving the parking lot next to the softball field), improvements to the end of Prentice Street where it meets Recreation Drive, Improvements to 3rd Street between 5th and 6th avenues, and improvements to 5th Avenue between Prentice Street and 2nd Street. A public hearing on the projects and assessments for the projects was set for March 18th at 7:15 PM.

In Other News:
•EDA director Cathy Anderson provided an update and discussed the plan to replace the windows at Skyview Estates for a total of $73,000
•The Council discussed improvements to the Council chamber which would include installing sound panels in the room for a total of $4,945.
•The Council accepted a proposal for hydroelectric plant improvements.
•The Council discussed the installation of a new liquor store awning and the repainting of the liquor store sign.