The Granite Falls Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors announced the resignation of Executive Director Jennifer Grimm on Friday, March 8. The announcement came in the form a letter collectively signed by the Board. The letter stated that Grimm’s resignation was effective March 6.

Grimm was hired as Chamber Director in May of last year, serving less than a year in her role as Chamber Director. The Board lauded Grimm’s accomplishments during her tenure at the Chamber, a period marked by significant internal restructuring and office relocation. “Jenny played a role in re-development of the Chamber,” the Board wrote, adding that “while we will miss her, we wish Jenny the best of luck in her new endeavor.” Grimm says that she is full of gratitude to all the support she received during her time at the Chamber. “I wanted to personally thank each and every one of the members of this community who took the time to get to know me and who were behind me rooting for me to be successful at the Chamber,” she said.

Despite the challenges involved with running a Chamber of Commerce, Grimm added she was proud of what she achieved. “I can undoubtedly say that I gave it my all and helped play a huge role in the redevelopment of the Chamber,” she explained, adding that “I did so much in the short amount of time there; a lot of which went unnoticed.”

Grimm’s time at the Chamber also marked several personal milestones. She married her husband Kyle in September, and the couple are now expecting their first child. “Unfortunately, my time has come to move on and be somewhere that has more stability for my growing family,” Grimm said. “Still, I wish the Chamber the best of luck and hope to see it strive like I fully intended it to do during my time there.”

In the coming weeks, the Chamber will conduct research into finding the correct path that will achieve “prosperity and continuity of the Chamber,” the letter said, adding that “during this transition period, it is the Board’s priority to serve its members, while still maintaining a stable and effective organization.” The Chamber will keep the community updated as news becomes available, and they are asking community members to help identify “the most opportune direction to benefit the Granite Falls Area Chamber of Commerce continuation on its successful trajectory.” “We continue to support the community, and our members through our important work impacting area growth, unity and leadership throughout the community,” the letter concluded.