At this weeks Yellow Medicine County Board meeting the Commissioners started by going over their reports for the last two weeks. The Bitterroot wind power project was discussed and the board was happy to hear the city of Canby won’t oppose the wind project. Initially the Board thought the Canby City Council would oppose the project and wrote a letter of support of the project that was sent to the City.

Some other topics discussed in the Commissioners’ reports included the Yellowstone Trail Alliance meeting and upcoming projects, the Clarkfield school building, the Yellow Medicine County Soil and Water District meeting, One Watershed One Plan progress, drug courts and corrections, and some information on a proposed gas tax increase of 20 cents per gallon.

The Board discussed Valley View Trailer Park, located along highway 212 between Granite Falls and Montevideo, after getting several complaints on its appearance. The Commissioners discussed the state of decay most of the trailers are in, as well as the potential of certain health hazards the trailer park would pose. One of the issues is the land for the trailer park and the trailers being separately owned. The Board will continue to look at their options on how to handle this issue moving forward, the Board plans to send a letter to the owner of the trailer park and update them on the situation.

Dennis Pederson the County IT Coordinator talked to the Board about adopting KnowBe4 Security Awareness Training and asked that it be made mandatory for County employees to complete the training program. The previous training program the County used was planning to raise rates due to a shrinking pool of customers, this is one of the contributing factors that lead to Pederson wanting to change programs. Pederson discussed the importance of cyber security and awareness. Junk mail or virus links were his main concerns, recognizing that sometimes employees don’t know what is real or fake and what is or isn’t safe to open. The program also offers newer technology and tools. The program would be a three year contract and would come with a 33% discount. The program will cost $4,138 over the three years with the discount included.

In Other News:

•The Board discussed a PERA phased retirement plan for a highway department employee but tabled the decision because two board members weren’t present and able to vote on the issue

•The Board approved a Southwest Minnesota Arts Council funding request Property and Public Services Director Janel Timm gave a report to the Board

•The Board approved a City of Clarkfield request for consent for entry and construction on tax forfeited property