Brandon Lancaster, Lead singer of the up and coming country music band LANCO (which stands for Lancaster and Company), spoke to the Advocate Tribune ahead of the band’s show at Prairie’s Edge Casino later this month. Lancaster first discussed the song “Rival” which is LANCO’s newest single. “That song is about some things the band and I have been through …everyone has tough times and that song is really just about believing in yourself.”

The band is looking to continue building momentum following their multi-week number one hit “Greatest Love Story”, the song was also used on Netflix’s original series “The Ranch” which helped the song gain popularity. “I wrote that song a few years ago, it was a long process.” Lancaster said, discussing the origins of the song.

“I’m married now, I met my wife when I was 19 at college. We had been together a long time, we broke up and had some time apart but we eventually got back together.” “The song was mainly based off of my personal experience, but I also took some stories and some characters from where I grew up in Smyrna, Tennessee.

I used some of my friends and people I knew as inspiration. I kind of put their stories into this song as well.” “There is a factory in Smyrna that a lot of guys go to work at once they graduate high school. A lot of the girls go off to college or leave and the guys wait for them to come back… so that was also something I thought about.”

”Love is a journey. Love is about compromise, and it’s about meeting each other in the middle and learning about each other and learning about yourself through that person. The foundation of that song was my life but I like to think a lot of people can relate to that.”

Lancaster also discussed the band and it’s formation. “We all just started out as friends in Nashville ... we just made music that we hoped our friends would hear. When we first got together and started playing music we were really just hanging out.” Lancaster met producer Jay Joyce (Cage the Elephant and Little Big Town) at a Keith Urban concert and after playing Joyce some of the bands music Joyce agreed to work with the group. “We didn’t have a label or anything but he started working with us.”

The bands first full length album “Hallelujah Nights” debut at number one following the success of “Greatest Love Story” and was produced by Joyce. “It’s a very cool album. Everyone contributed to it, it’s really just some stories and things that the band and I have gone through. We worked on it for a long time.” The Band earned various award nominations from ACM, CMT, CMA and American Music Awards. LANCO is also the only Country band to achieve a platinum single prior to a debut album release.

Lancaster also discussed some of the music artists that have inspired him. “I was raised on country music, that was just what was always on when I was younger. I like Tom Petty and Led Zeppelin and some other rock groups too. I like some of the new modern rock groups like the Kings of Leon and Cage the Elephant and stuff like that.”

“It’s interesting though because all of us in the band have our own tastes and influences and that helps make the band what it is. There are five people with different tastes and influences coming together.”

“The thing I really like about country music is the story telling aspect, I like writing songs in the form of a story. I like a lot of different music, I like old and new stuff, I just think we decided to play country music because that’s home base for us. That’s our kind of music and that’s what we know.”

The band has been touring extensively for the past few years, starting in small clubs around Nashville and eventually going on tour around the country playing larger arenas. “We started playing clubs and bars around Nashville, and over the last year we played large arenas and festivals, we even had some shows up in Canada. It’s really cool just to see how far we’ve come.”

“We played over 200 shows in the last year alone. It’s a lot of traveling and a lot of work, but we love it, I don’t think we would have it any other way.” The busy touring schedule hasn’t stopped the band from working on new music, currently the band is hard at work on their second album. LANCO is also set to appear on the Brooks and Dunn REBOOT album with their own take on “Mama Don’t Get Dressed Up For Nothing.”

LANCO will be performing at Prairies Edge Casino on Wednesday April 10th. Tickets are available now at