With the large amount of rainfall that fell on the western region of the state, the Minnesota River experienced a slight increase in it’s elevation, despite declining for the two week period preceding that. Last Thursday, the USGS river gauge at Granite Falls showed a reading of 887.60 feet above sea level last Wednesday morning, compared to 887.52 feet at the same time that Tuesday.

This represents a total decline of only .08 feet within the past 24 hours. Granite Falls Mayor Dave Smiglewski said at the time that “the gauge continued to show a bit of minor river elevation “bounce” overnight and this morning.” The River did, indeed, increase slightly late last week, and by Monday, had risen by about three feet overall. The USGS river gauge showed a peak reading of 890.59 feet above sea level at 12:15 Tuesday morning. By early Wednesday morning, the water hit 890.18 feet, representing a drop of .26 feet when compared to the gauge reading of 890.44 feet at the same time yesterday. Since then, the river has begun it’s slow and steady recession.

This crest of 890.59 feet is 2.93 feet lower than this flood’s previous crest of 893.53 feet on March 31. According to Mayor Smiglewski, the following roads have been impacted by the ongoing flooding: •11th Avenue, just west of Granite Falls is closed on each side of The Rock Supper Club due to water flowing across the road, although the east approach is expected to open today. •Minnesota Avenue in east Granite remains closed to vehicles due to water on the street. •The Dike Road has been re-opened from the west end for some distance but the east end, near Granite Falls, remains closed. •Hwy. 67 has reopened 2 miles southeast of Granite but 266th Avenue, just east of Hwy. 67, remains closed due to high water. •Further to the southeast, Hwy. 67, just east of the Upper Sioux Agency State Park main entrance, is closed due to a collapse of the road surface. That closure is expected to remain for some time.