After five years in the St. James Public school system, K-12 principal Doug Storbeck has accepted a position as the principal and superintendent in the Granada-Huntley-East Chain school district.
“I’ve always wanted to be a superintendent,” said Storbeck. “Now I’ve had experience at the high school and elementary school levels, and with my business background I feel like I can fill the role of superintendent fairly well.”

The GHEC school district is small, with just one public school with grades k-12, allowing Storbeck to still be connected to his students and teachers.

“I’m looking forward to working with their school board on policy decisions and determining the vision of the school and how to make decisions that fall in line with that vision.”

Storbeck also spoke highly of the GHEC community, both in the school and out of school.

“From what I’ve heard about the staff at GHEC, they have a very good culture and climate,” said Storbeck. “They have established a family-type atmosphere, which is something I strived to do here. The community is very supportive of the school district. They’ll do whatever they need to do to allow the school to produce a good product for the students.”

The move also allows Storbeck to work closer to home. The proximity to home was the ultimate deciding factor in Storbeck’s move to GHEC.

“I’m hoping to spend that extra hour a day with my family. Being an administrator can be a stressful position and I do spend a significant amount of my time up here.”

Even as a principal, St. James taught Storbeck about the importance of diversity in the community.

“I’ll admit to having a stereotype before I got here because of the student body,” said Storbeck. “But now, if I had the choice to work with these students at St. James over other students that I have taught, I would be hard-pressed to say that I don’t enjoy the students I work with currently at St. James than the students I worked with before. And that’s reflective of our teachers.”

“We have a lot of good people in this school that I’m going to still be friends with. I’m going to enjoy my time coming back to St. James when my kids are involved in activities.”

The St. James school district recently announced a decision to return to the traditional-two principal structure, with no word on where current K-12 principal Karla Beck will be placed.