At this weeks Yellow Medicine County Board meeting the board started by giving their commissioners reports. The Commissioners discussed various meetings attended, future plans for rural internet connection, the states aging 911 operating systems, rural road conditions and flood damage, the newly formed Yellow Medicine Parks Committee, Western Mental Health, and several other topics. County Administrator Angie Steinbach followed up the commissioners report with a brief administrator report where she went over meetings attended and updated various projects.

The board discussed the Clarkfield high School building demolition. The City of Clarkfield will hold a public hearing on May 30th at 6:00 PM. The decision will either be to demolition the entire structure or to leave the gym and locker room section of the building.

The board discussed moving forward with the minimum general design specifications and obtaining bids for the Canby bus garage project. The board discussed two design plans a 66’ wide by 88’ long plan and a 66’ wide by 68’ long heated garage plan. The board favored the larger garage option but will call for bids on both plans for the project and review costs.

Yellow Medicine County Family Services Director Rae Ann Keeler-Aus provided a family services update. Keeler-Aus discussed a Regional Administrative Agency Cooperative Agreement for a fraud prevention investigation (FPI) program. The agreement is between Southwest Health and Human Services, which will be acting as the lead agency for the regional FPI and Yellow Medicine County, through family services center department. The board approved the agreement.

There was a family services presentation discussing adult mental health care. The presentation highlighted a diagnostics period that determines what services would be helpful to clients, and explained the overall goal to help clients identify their needs and goals and to develop a plan to help improve their mental wellbeing. Family service workers also discussed doing more traveling to visit clients that are placed in different care centers throughout the state.

The presentation also discussed children's mental health issues. One of the main points that was highlighted is that every child, regardless of age, typically doesn’t handle their emotions in the right way. Suicide has become the second leading cause of death among youth, a 58% increase in the last 10 years. The commissioners asked what could possibly be the cause of the increase in teen and youth depression. It was explained in the presentation that no one is quite sure, It is possible that these types of cases had always existed but have gone undiagnosed until recently with advances in medicine. Depression, anxiety, and behavioral disorders are common. The board thanked all of the family services workers for the job they do and for the informative presentation.

In Other News:

County Engineer, Andy Sander, presented an agreement for the TH 23 project from Granite Falls to the south county line. The board approved the agreement.

The board approved Timm Park soil borings The board approved a request to construct a non-farm dwelling in the rural preservation management district, section 3, Sandes Township

The board approved a parking lot sweeper purchase

The board approved a resolution for the sponsorship of Pioneerland Library System for Minnesota Counties Intergovernmental trust membership

The board was given a presentation by iCompass Agenda Creation and Peak Agenda Creation Solution for new website and agenda software for Yellow Medicine County