At Monday night's Granite Falls City Council meeting City Attorney Gregory Holmstrom discussed Highland Mobile Home Park with the council. At the last meeting Ronnette Trulson, the owner of the park, asked council if there would be issues selling the property to someone else or giving it to her kids in the future due to the zoning of the area. Holmstrom said that the property the mobile home park is located on could be considered grandfathered in and not be affected by the type of zone it is located in.

Holstrom said Trulson could continue to operate the mobile home park normally and eventually sell or transfer the property in the future as long as it complies with State Laws. The council formally recognized that the property is considered grandfathered into any zoning changes and won’t be affected.

EDA Director Cathy Anderson gave a report and discussed a partnership with Yellow Medicine East Schools on several future projects. One of the projects Anderson highlighted was camper cabins being built out at Memorial Park as part of the carpentry class curriculum that would be fundraised by students. It is unknown if the cabins would remain a permanent fixture at the park or if they would eventually be sold or moved.

After Anderson’s report the council held a public hearing on the proposed EDA and HRA levies. No residents attended the hearing but Anderson briefly went over the details of both levies. The maximum rate for the EDA levy would be 0.0183% and the maximum rate for the HRA levy would be 0.0185%, the rates could be lower than both of those percentages but they can’t be higher unless the statute is changed.

If both levies are set at the maximum threshold it would be an added income stream of about $70,000 a year to the EDA. “The impact to each resident would likely be under fifty dollars.” Anderson said, explaining what the cost would be to the community. After some more discussion the council closed the public hearing and passed both levies.

Boy Scout Tarin Gatchell discussed his upcoming Eagle Scout project with council. Gatchell’s project would be an area river and park trash cleanup event, Gatchell plans on advertising a need for volunteers and figuring out a day for the event as well as focus areas. Gatchell also hopes to place trash cans at certain locations permanently by asking residents to sponsor a trash can. The council thanked Gatchell for his service and activity in the community. The council wished him luck and approved Gatchell to move forward with the project.

Kristi Fernholtz discussed phase four improvements for the Memorial Park project. Fernholtz highlighted the invasive species removal efforts, recreation area improvements and talked about possibly putting in a boat launch where the bath house was previously located. The council also authorized the submittal of a grant application for the project.

The council discussed the demolition process of the NSP plant, its effect on the tax base, and other plants throughout the state. The council approved spending up to $10,000 out of the electrical fund to work with Flaherty and Hood for an analysis on the situation.

In other news:

•The council held a public hearing for the vacation of a street to connect a residents property. No residents attended the hearing and the council approved the street vacation.

•The council discussed work on Barber Circle and Daniels Drive and is looking to try and begin work as soon as possible on the project.

•The Council briefly discussed filling a vacancy on the council and talked about potential candidates for the position.

•The council approved the purchase of a new mower for the Street Department.

•The council approved a Gambling Control Board premises permit.

•The council reviewed the Hospital Board report which included a letter of intent to partner with Avera Health.