The Anderson-TeBeest Funeral Home in Granite Falls recently welcomed a new funeral director assistant, Lynette Ray. In her new position, Ray assists with visitations and funerals in addition to attending to numerous ‘behind-the-scenes’ details. 

Ray was born in Pipestone where she grew up on a family farm. After graduating high school, she attended South Dakota State University and earned a degree in business administration. 

After getting married to her husband Rick, the couple made several job related moves before eventually settling down in Montevideo - where they have resided for the past 36 years. Together, they have three boys: Thomas, Shane, and Tyler. After moving to Montevideo, Ray took a job working at Montevideo Technology Inc (MTI) as their inside sales manager. After working at the company for over 30 years, the facility was recently shut down, and Ray suddenly found herself having to find a new job - and a new direction. 

“At this point in my career, I wanted to make sure I was doing something that was fulfilling to me [and] that was going to be enjoyable,” Ray said. To achieve this, she knew she needed a job with just one  thing - people. “My passion is people,” she said with enthusiasm. “I love being around people and I love trying to help people if I can.” 

After some time of looking, Ray received a job offer from a family friend, Judy TeBeest. Judy and her husband Kevin own and operate the Anderson-TeBeest Funeral Home, and were searching for someone to help run their recently opened Granite Falls location. The TeBeest’s attend the same church as Lynette and Rick, and both couple’s children grew up with each other in Montevideo, so Ray felt right at home working with the TeBeest’s. 

So, when Judy TeBeest approached Ray with a new job opportunity working as a funeral assistant, she leapt at the chance, calling the position “the absolute perfect fit.” 

For Ray, the experience of working at Anderson-TeBeest Funeral Home has been immensely rewarding. Although helping families who have recently experienced a loss can be challenging, Ray says that helping them through that process makes it all worth it. “You’ve done little things, but somebody appreciates the extra effort that you’re doing,” reflected Ray. She added that “it’s that extra mile that you put in that is not part of your job” that makes all the difference. 

Although she has only been on the job for a few weeks, Ray already has ambitious plans. She is busy connecting with local organizations and giving tours of the beautifully renovated funeral home. Ray believes that the elegant and spacious facility could be used by others in the community for hosting events. “People want to get out and do things in a different area,” she said. 

Ray also plans to eventually offer a series of seminars covering topics such as obituary writing and funeral preparation. Another goal down the road is obtaining an insurance license which will allow her to assist directly with funeral planning. 

Ray describes herself as a “morning person” who enjoys sipping coffee, playing golf, going on walks, and being outside. More than anything else, she loves spending time with family and friends, including her three grandchildren.

Ray says that she would love for area residents to stop, have a cup of coffee, introduce yourself and let her assist in any of your future needs. If you see a car in the parking lot, feel free to stop in.