President Donald Trump announced today he would be directing the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to follow the law set by the Renewable Fuel Standard and offset damage caused by the EPA’s actions to date.

Under the Trump administration, the EPA has removed more than four billion biofuel gallons from the nation’s fuel supply through small refinery exemptions that were issued at an unprecedented rate. Today’s announcement reopens the rulemaking for the 2020 RFS volumes to account for waivers in the volume requirements and outlines other actions that will promote higher blends of ethanol, including infrastructure investment and clarity around E15 labeling.

In response to today’s announcement by the Trump administration, Minnesota Corn Growers Association (MCGA) Chairman Brian Thalmann released the following:

Thank you to Minnesota’s corn farmers for once again showing the power of our grassroots efforts. More than 700 messages by Minnesota’s corn growers were sent to Washington demanding the EPA reallocate the billions of biofuel gallons removed from the nation’s fuel supply, and it is evident today those comments were heard.

Thank you to our advocates in Congress for their tireless efforts on behalf of the nation’s corn growers, and to President Trump for listening to our concerns and directing the EPA to follow the law.

With that, there is more work to do. Our continued engagement will be necessary through the upcoming rulemaking process to help put the Renewable Fuel Standard back on track and grow demand for higher blends of ethanol. As a national leader in ethanol-blended fuels, Minnesota farmers and consumers would benefit greatly from the streamlining of E15 labeling and additional infrastructure funds, which are also part of the agreement announced today. We look forward to working with the administration to stabilize this critical market for corn farmers and rural communities.