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Upcoming ­­special election

In January, registered voters will receive a ballot in the mail on the question of appointing the County Auditor/Treasurer and Recorder.

  The County Board supports the appointing of the two officers. Appointing the County Auditor/Treasurer and Recorder will give the County Board the opportunity to recruit and hire individuals who have both the technical skills and personal traits needed to meet the requirements of the position.

  The County Board believes making these changes will allow the county to recruit and retain employees that can meet the needs of County residents. Please come to the Commissioner’s Room in the Courthouse on January 16, 2018 at 2:00 p.m. if you have questions or want an explanation of the issues pertaining to the question on the February 13 ballot. Please exercise your right to vote by February 13, 2018, and vote to make these two positions appointed by the County Board.

—Chippewa County

Board of Commissioners

Millenium Theater

I felt it was time to mention a refreshing news item, and it’s about a new business in our hometown of Montevideo. It's called the Millennium Theater in the Southtown Plaza of Montevideo.

Where is South Town Plaza? Why it's down by Van Binsbergen and Associates, our Community Recreation Building, Clare Paint and Wallpaper, Melody Lanes Bowling Center, and the VFW. There is a lighted Marquee as you enter the plaza.

I recently took in a movie at the Millennium Theater and was pleasantly surprised at how bright and clean the theater is now. New carpeting, paint and lighting in the lobby are as nice an invitation to see a movie as you can get. The bathrooms are sparkling clean too.

But wait, there's more. Enter any one of three theaters in the establishment and you are treated to clean, working chairs, clean flooring and beautiful screens too. In fact Theater #1 has electric recliners that will pamper you as if you are in your own living room. The #2 and #3 theaters are clean and nice but have the more traditional rocking theater seating. It's very comfortable and you will enjoy your movie experience there too.

That's not all they have. They also have matinee showings of movies at 1pm and 4pm, depending on the schedule, so you can catch a movie and still get something done later in the afternoon.

Projectors are state of the art and digital to give you the best possible picture, and the sound system is amazing. The popcorn counter has that amazing theater popcorn, ice cold soft drinks and an excellent assortment of candy for your sweet tooth.

So if you are thinking you would like to go out for dinner and a movie, plan on catching your next movie at the Millenium Theater. Dollars spent at the Millenium stay in Montevideo and are great for our local economy too.

—Jim Ruether