The Sting had their first football game last Thursday. The Panthers scored two touchdowns in the first quarter. Both were run in by Sawyer Otto, one was from a breakaway 37-yard run.

In the second quarter, Michael Munson scored a touchdown with a short charge through a four yard run. Otto repeated his first quarter performance with another two touchdowns in the 3rd quarter, putting TMB up 0-30.

In the 4th quarter, the Sting got on the board. Quarterback Angel Jimenez threw it 10 yards to Carter Sneller for the touchdown. Ethan Peterson scored the two point conversion to put YME up to 8 points. The final score at the buzzer was 8-30.


Passing (comp, att, yds, td, int)

Otto 14-22-115-0-2

Gervais 3-5-31-0-0

Rushing (att, yds, td)

Otto 16-135-4

Munson 4-23-1

Radke 5-20-0

Tauer 2-13-0

Munson 1-8-0

Zick 2-3-0

Gervais 1-1-0

Vandendriessche 2-6-0

Recieving (rec, tds, td)

Gervais 3-43-0

Timmerman 3-42-0

Byrne 3-27-0

Hollard 1-25-0

Tauer 1-3-0

Munson 1-3-0

Vandendriessche 1-2-0

Zick 1-1-0



Jimenez 9-19-58-1-0

Johnson 0-1-0-0-1

Peterson 1-1-10-0-0


Jimenez 8-40-0

Peterson 13-18-0

Hidalgo 5-12-0

Friese 6-11-0


Sneller 4-42-1

Friese 3-15-0

Hidalgo 1-1-0

Korstad 1-10-0