The Sting girls played Canby Thursday night. The first set started off evenly. Alli Steffen had some good kills. YME was up 5-3. Madison Hinz scored a point from a tip and started serving. The Sting got a string of points, 11-6 before Canby called a timeout. YME had some trouble with serves going out, but maintained a lead as the scores climbed 20-15. The Lancers closed the gap 21-19. Anayansi Flores made a good call when a ball was on its way out, putting YME up 23-19. Both teams called timeouts during the next few points. The Sting had some trouble receiving serves and Canby tied the game 23-23. Meeghen Dahlager tipped it, then each team flubbed a block. YME was up 25-24, then Canby bumped the ball off into the bleachers, losing the set 26-24.

In the 2nd set, the Sting struggled a bit hitting the ball in bounds. They trailed 3-7, before starting to be able to set up plays and close the gap 10-11. Jadyn Sakry got an ace and Hinz scored from a tip to again catch up 13-14. Spikes from Steffen and Meeghen Dahlager gave YME the lead 16-14. It was a back and forth battle from there. YME held a narrow lead 20-19. Dahlager had a tip that was called out of bounds, tieing the game 20-20. Mackenzie Dyrdahl had an impressive dive to save the ball, and Dahlager displayed cheetah reflexes to hit the ball over. Flores spiked the return to score 23-21. There was some confusion when a floor referee accidently blew her whistle, and a point had to be replayed. Shortly after there was another call where a ball apparently didn't land out of bounds. Dyrdahl got a tip to score the final point of the set 25-23.

In the 3rd set, YME had a string of solid plays that got them up 7-2 quickly. Canby closed the gap while YME held the lead 13-12. Steffen had some solid cross court hits and Dahlager made some great saves in the back row. YME was up 15-12, then pulled ahead with solid blocks from Dyrdahl and Steffen. Canby got a few points from Sting errors 20-17. After a timeout, Steffen got a spike, and Sakry served it out 21-18. Dyrdahl landed a solid kill, and the crowd got loud and proud. The Lancers scored the next two volleys, 23-22. Flores got a spike, and Canby spiked it into the net to give YME the win 25-22.

Coach Fadness reported, "Coming off a tough weekend, it feels great to get the win and to see that the stuff we've been working on is starting to come out our way. We're setting up plays when we need to. We talked a lot about moving on from errors, I can see our mental toughness getting stronger. We talked about eliminating errors and making silly plays on our side of the court.”

YME vs Canby

Set 1 YME 26 Canby 24

Set 2 YME 25 Canby 23

Set 3 YME 25 Canby 22

Madison Hinz Kills 4-5-2, Serving 14-15-1, Digs 6, Set Assists 69-70-34

Jadyn Sakry Kills 8-8-4, Digs 7, Blocks 1

Anayansi Flores Kills 5-6-2, Blocks 3, Set Assists 2-2-1

Meeghen Dahlager Kills 23-28-14, Serving 7-9-0, Digs 14, Blocks 4

Mackenzie Dyrdahl Kills 24-28-10, Serving 7-10-2, Digs 8, Blocks 4, Set Assists 1-1-1

Abby Jaenisch Serving 12-13-1, Digs 6

Alli Steffen Kills 12-15-6, Serving 10-10-0, Digs 3, Blocks 1