Sting vs Vikings

The Sting girls played Minneota Thursday night, who are ranked #2 in the state. The Vikings got an early lead 2-5. The Sting had some issues hitting the balls too deep. Jadyn Sakry got a lucky hit that crawled over the net to win the serve back. YME got a few points, narrowing the gap 7-13, before Minneota's Lizzy Gillingham went on a tear serving, getting them up 9-18. Meeghen Dahlager got a spike to force the rotation, and the Madison Hinz got blocked at the net. YME was down 10-20. Hinz served and Anayansi Flores scored a few points with blocks and spikes. Dahlager also scored a few aces, helping the Sting catch up 18-22. The Vikings hit a solid spike to close the set 20-25.

In the 2nd set, YME had some basic errors that let Minneota pull an early lead 3-9. There was an impressive rally where Hinz set up Dahlager for three spikes in a row, before the Vikings tipped the ball behind the Granite wall and Abby Jaenisch missed the dig. Alli Steffen almost climbed into the bleachers saving the ball, but her hit had a tricky angle that got the serve back. The score was 7-13, and Minneota performed a series of tough tipping plays to rack up points. Flores got blocked a few times, and Granite again struggled with hitting the ball too deep. Tricky tips won the Vikings the set 14-25.

In the 3rd set, the score stayed even, both teams trading points. Mackenzie Dyrdahl served an ace, and Dahlager had another great spike, giving the Sting a small 9-7 lead. Minneota clawed their way back through a series of long rallies to tie the game 14-14. Hinz set up Dahlager for a beautiful cross court spike that found the floor. Dahlager served some aces, and Flores got another spike to put the Sting up 20-15. The Vikings caught up and tied the game 20-20, then finished the set 21-25.

Coach Fadness reported, “I think we did really well. We put a lot of pace on the ball and made a lot of plays. I’m satisfied, it’s not a win, but I can see progress being made on our side.” “We knew we had to control what we could. We knew we needed to make plays and take the easy opportunities we got, and for the most part I think we did.”

Set 1 YME 20 Minn. 25

Set 2 YME 14 Minn. 25

Set 3 YME 21 Minn. 25

Madison Hinz Kills 6-6-0, Serving 12-13-0, Digs 3, Set Assists 69-69-22

Jadyn Sakry Kills 2-3-0, Serving 7-8-0, Digs 3, Blocks 1

Anayansi Flores Kills 7-8-2, Blocks 2

Meeghen Dahlager Kills 30-31-9, Serving 8-9-3, Digs 13, Blocks 3

Mackenzie Dyrdahl Kills 20-29-8, Serving 7-9-1, Digs 5, Blocks 1, Set Assists 3-3-2

Abby Jaenisch Serving 6-9-0, Digs 9

Alli Steffen Kills 15-17-5, Serving 5-6-0, Digs 13