On Thursday night, the Sting girls faced TMB. Alli Steffen started off serving when the Sting got a string of points early. Mackenzie Dyrdahl kept the momentum going, helping get the score up 8-3 before the Panthers called a timeout. Anayansi Flores scored from a tip, and Meeghen Dahlager scored two aces. The Sting got up 15-6 before TMB called another timeout.

There was a long rally where both teams made a save from hitting it into the net, before Dahlager got the kill. A few more spikes from Dahlager and Dyrdahl helped the Sting win the set 25-8.

In the second set, YME got off to a rough start from hitting it our repeatedly. They tied it up at 8-8, and from there the scores climbed evenly back and forth. Steffen had a phenomenal block, and Abby Jaenisch had a heroic dive to save the ball. There was another terrific display of reflexes when both Madi Hinz and Dahlager both saved the ball after it got hit into the net twice. Dyrdahl tipped it over to put the Sting up 19-13. Dahlager then got a string of spikes, and then the Panthers served it into the net to give YME the set 25-17.

In the third set, there was a rally where Dyrdahl hit three spikes in a row, but TMB tipped it past the YME wall. The Sting maintained a lead with good court awareness 13-7. Jaenisch got three aces in a row. The Sting pulled ahead 18-10, but then a string of errors let TMB catch up 22-20. A timely timeout helped refocus YME, and got the score to 24-20, then the Panthers got two solid blocks. Dahlager got the final spike to win the game 25-22.

Coach Fadness reported, "It feels great to get another win, especially against a good team. TMB has gone to the State tournament for the past 15 years. I think we outplayed them and did a good job of working harder than them. When we played on Tuesday I don't think we did a great job of staying disciplined and making good plays. Tonight we did a much better job of holding each other accountable."


Set 1 YME 25, T 8

Set 2 YME 25, T 17

Set 3 YME 25, T 22

Hancock Tournament

Building the momentum from their Thursday night victory, the Lady Sting competed in the Hancock volleyball tournament this past Saturday. They won all four games against Hancock, Minnewaska, LqPV, and Hillcrest.

YME vs Hancock

Set 1 YME 25, H 12

Set 2 YME 25, H 18

YME vs Minnewaska

Set 1 YME 25, M 17

Set 2 YME 25, M 20


Set 1 YME 25, L 21

Set 2 YME 25, L 8

YME vs Hillcrest

Set 1 YME 25, H 14

Set 2 YME 25, H 15

Stat Totals

Madison Hinz Kills 22-23-11, Serving 20-23-1, Digs 25, Set Assists 137-137-69

Jadyn Sakry Kills 14-18-8, Serving 24-26-2, Digs 12

Anyansi Flores Kills 13-21-5, Digs 3, Blocks 2

Lexi Smith Kills 1-2-0, Digs 1

Meeghen Dahlager Kills 57-62-28, Serving 29-30-7, Digs 29, Blocks 2, Set Assists 7-7-2

Mackenzie Dyrdahl Kills 51-56-19, Serving 29-30-7, Digs 29, Blocks 2, Set Assists 7-7-2

Lily Jaenisch Serving 5-5-0, Digs 1

Abby Jaenisch Kills 1-2-1, Serving 30-31-6, Digs 13, Set Assists 4-4-1

Alli Steffen Kills 36-43-17, Serving 37-40-7, Digs 20, Blocks 3, Set Assists 2-2-1